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Check Out The Latest Food Experience Trends

May 05, 2019

The world of food has been changing a lot from what we eat, where we eat, the way we eat, etc. Here are some exciting food experience trends that we have seen over the last years.

Fashionable food courts

Fashionable food courts / Ph: Moscow goes out

The modern food courts are nothing like the unglamorous pit stops in shopping centers you have known before. They are now exciting dining destinations with elegant designs and delicious dishes. An example of outstanding food hall is the one at Emporium Melbourne. It features multiple independent outlets and taking inspiration from luxury Asian food courts.

The blurring of food and retail

The fast development of online shopping has led to the changes in brands’ strategies. They have tried to create space feel like homes rather than stores. For example, Rapha – a famous producer of sporting goods has redecorates its cafés and coffee shops by adding unique cultures of the brands. They have become “Clubhouses” for cyclists to unwind and share their memorable stories or events.

Robot restaurants

Robot restaurants / Ph: Eater

The robot service has been more and popular these year. For instance, Haidilao, a hotpot chain in China has used robot to take orders in the AI-operated restaurant in Beijing. These robots are well-known for its excellent customer service and can politely ask customers to move out if their way is blocked.

A learning experience

A Wonderful Ice Cream World / Ph: Postcards Home

We are paying more attention to learn about what we eat like where they coming from. The Museum of Food teamed up with Bombas & Parr has organized an exhibition about ice cream called SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World. This wonderful exhibition helps visitor understand deeper about the past, present, and future of the sweet treat. The brand also created a flagship store to give customers more information about the brands like the flavors they use, and the craft of cocktail making.

Pure Theatre

Of course, the SCOOP exhibition also used the “power” of Instagram spread its fame. Thousands of people has come to the Museum of Ice Cream since it opened in 2016 and has share their fantastic moments. These photos are pure theatres that attracts more and more visitors come to this Ice Cream world.

Social settings

For the supper clubs, great meals offer a social setting with the chance to meet new people. That’s why they often take place in a chef’s home where they can enjoy their meal with cozier atmosphere. Besides, supper clubs also love to enjoy their meals in the distinctive ways. For example, in London, Basement Galley hosts weekly meals in an old tube carriage.

These are some food experience trends appearing these years to bring more joy to customers. Let’s follow us and we will introduce to you more and more great trends from over the world.

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