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Canadian Goose House: a tiny dream house

June 12, 2019

The contemporary Canadian tiny homes are attracting much attention by the wonderful space inside it. Find out more in this article.

Canadian Goose House: a tiny dream house

This contemporary Canadian tiny homes are a spacious small home option for consumers seeking to remove the shackles of a traditional home to support a moving home.

Spacious and extremely outstanding design

Built by a Canadian-based company on a three-axle rickshaw, the house provides about 400 square feet of living space, making the house the same size as some ultra-compact urban apartments and apartments. Living space has been well equipped with a full kitchen, living room, laundry room, spacious master bedroom, and more.

The house with comfortable space helps you have a pleasant experience 

The ‘Canada Goose’ trailer of Mint Tiny House is a development of the original small house concept and imagine a bigger house that can move without skipping when it comes to style. The house can be ordered directly from the company and takes eight to 12 weeks to be built.

Canada’s Mint Tiny House recently completed a new model with the same name as the big Canadian goose. It is suitable because the house is massive and there with the smallest houses we have seen. It is 43 ft (13 m) long and, as you’d expect, offers a very spacious interior layout.

Canadian Goose is based on a three-axle trailer and is finished in cedar wood, with wooden frames. The interior has a total floor area of about 400 sq ft (37 square meters) and the exceptional finish throughout looks.

Visitors enter the kitchen area. It includes refrigerators/freezers, double ceramic sinks, ovens, and gas-fired burners, in addition to plenty of storage space. Nearby there is a breakfast bar for two people, and a little further is the living room, where there are sofas and some shelves.

Go back on the opposite side of Canada Goose, a sliding barn-style door that allows access to the bathroom. The hotel has washing machines and dryers, showers, toilets, sinks, and more storage space. The bathroom, in turn, leads into the gooseneck (raised) area of the trailer, through another sliding barn door. The master bedroom is here, and there is enough space to stand upright.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to learn about this outstanding home at the Mint Tiny House Company.

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