Can people be forever young?

People have been spending a huge amount of money every year on anti-ageing treatments. And here is good news for them. Scientists have found a type of protein that keeps skin youthful.

Japanese scientists find out a new solution for the ageing problem

The name of this miracle protein that keeps skin youthful is COL17A1, a protein that facilitates competition between cells, thus keeping skin young. Cell competition is essential to keep tissue fitness. Ageing causes a lack of COL17A1, thus leads to the replication of weak cells and thinner skin.

COL17A1 can boost protein production to keep your skin youthful / Ph: RAS Luxury Oils

According to research leader from Tokyo Medical and Dental University’s Stem Cell Biology Nishimura, intact stem cells in our skin can work to eliminate damaged stem cells. As realizing the role of a protein that keeps skin youthful COL17A1, the team tries to find a way to stimulate the protein that keeps skin youthful in case it runs out.

They test chemical compounds on skin cells. There are two compounds, Y27632 and apocynin, have good results. The use of these chemicals on thickness skin wounds can facilitate wound recover process greatly.

Can we use this new protein as an anti-ageing solution for other organs?

Not only applying the use of the protein that keeps skin youthful in skin cells, but researchers are also finding the mechanism for other organs. Their work can lead to collaboration with pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands to use this protein in their products.

Further research is being carried out to apply COL17A1 - a protein that keeps skin youthful on other epithelial cells. Nishimura and her team are investigating whether COL17A1 works in kidneys, livers and lungs cells the same as how it does in skin cells.

By encouraging cell competition, the protein that keeps skin youthful COL17A1 can be used as a new solution to the ageing problem. If you are looking for an anti-aging solution, this protein would be helpful.

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