Can food become medicine?

In fact, many foods are able to prevent many chronic diseases that we encounter today. Thus, it can hardly be denied that if we have a reasonable diet with a list of nutritious foods, daily food can become a medicine for us.

One good example for this is using food as medicine can help you lose weight & eliminate pain.

#1: Some tips to make food possible into your medicine

Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. In vegetables and fruits contains lots of vitamins that are beneficial for your health

Enhance colorful dishes in your daily menu. If there is a food that is good for your health but you don't like it, please look for a similar food

Taking advantages of superfoods. Superfoods are special foods with high levels of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances. Superfoods have properties that cannot be put into common food because nutritional content is more concentrated in it.

Superfoods are special foods with high levels of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances / Ph: Pinterest

#2: Some basic principles of using food as medicine

You don't need to follow a strict diet. Depending on the health status of your body, combining the food with the most harmonious and suitable

Using nutritious foods is still the best choice for your health. For example, we can lycopene and some other antioxidants in tomatoes instead of using drugs.

Stress has many adverse effects on metabolism in the body. Reducing stress, learning to eat slowly and mindfulness will greatly benefit your health.

#3: How Using Food As Medicine Can Help You Lose Weight & Eliminate Pain

It can be say that eating whole foods is a very good cure. Besides, Not all fats are harmful to health, there are lots of healthy fats like butter; olives; nuts; coconut milk and oil; and fish with low levels of mercury such as anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines and salmon.

Organic food contains many nutrients that your body needs / Ph: Pinterest / Sun Basket 

Building a proper diet and applying it regularly every day will improve your health. Especially, organic food contains many nutrients that your body needs, so you should prioritize it in your diet.

Nature is so powerful. Food will become the remedy for your health if you have a smart diet.

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