Cake mascara is comeback

'Cause consumers is looking to the past for inspiration



Cake mascaras were mainstream in the 1920s using  a solid “cake” formulation that allows users to control consistency and pair it with the best brush, now they've been reintroduced by Bésame Cosmetics  the vintage-inspired makeup line known for bringing back classic forms of makeup.

Recently Sephora began selling Besame Cosmetics’ cake mascara online and it sold out within two weeks, while stockists of other solid lash enhancers have reported similar sales surges. 


Some of other reasons besides vintage feel that makes cake mascara to become Hot-Trend now are: it is more hygienic, less clumpy, easy to reapply and layer, it works as eyeliner, too and users can also fill in your brows with it.



So cake mascara is a game-changer for your lashes now. Experience this trend by yourself!

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