Buyers worldwide are attracted by the new materials and ideas of Japanese Companies

In November 2018, an exhibition opened the door in Hong Kong with the participation of Japanese beauty brands and other countries brand. So, what's interesting in this exhibition?

Cosmoprof Asia, an Asia's leading beauty trade show, opened the door again in Hong Kong In November 2018 with the participation of not only Japanese companies but also other national brand companies. Many products of Japanese beauty brands have been displayed here. Let zoom in some typical products!

3D mask

The fact of the matter is that benefits of 3D mask are many. For examples, It gives your skin moisture and whitens skin. It takes you 15-29 min taking care of your skin every day.

An important figure in the boom of global masks in recent years, Nichiei, has launched his own brand called Nihon MASK Honpo to prepare the company's 40th anniversary in 2020.

According to the brand's source, there are four types of masks with 4 uses of different skins including moisturizing dry skin, smoothing to tighten pores, improving brightness for dull skin and lifting sagging skin that will be released to the market.

The skincare product line is extracted from sake-kasu

Kuramoto no Shizuku creams, that uses ingredients extracted from sake-kasy, is the Izavell company's product. It is true to say that Kuramoto no Shizuku is a pride of Japanese beauty brands. Izavell company as achieved the makeup product award thanks to it.

Kuramoto no Shizuku creams-1 product is prepared from sake-kasy / Ph:

Hinatahina soaps

The soap Hinatahina that is made from an original component called BiProGe® was shown at Cosmoprof Asia by GE Holdings in 2018. Japanese beauty brands element will be emphasized through traditional ukiyo-e images on packaging design while for overseas markets, Hinatahina will be recalled as EDOBIO.

Promoting women's happiness

Tres Maria, a Japanese beauty brands, was born in July 2017 by Junko Balducci. Tres Maria received great feedback in ít debut at Cosmoprof Asia 2018.

In fact, Tres Maria's soaps and moisturizers use natural beauty ingredients such as Rose essence, Peony compound, etc. Thus, it the best choice for using on sensitive genital areas.

Erugo Thione-a beauty enzyme drink

Erugo Thione that has ingredients including almond and ergothioneine mushrooms and Over 100 different fruits and vegetables has a strong antioxidant effect. It was fermented and incubated for three years before it was launched.

All in all, products of Japanese beauty brands are worth looking forward to, right?


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