Bringit: The service provides you with hands-free travel experience

What's outstanding at this new luggage delivery start-up's service that attracts so much attention?

Bringit, a new customized luggage delivery service, was launched at Miami International Airport. This service is committed to eliminating the hassle of shipping your luggage to or from the airport.

Bringit will expand to international airports in the next 24 months / Ph.Bringit

Hands-free travel to become an accepted standard

Starting in Miami and New York and soon becoming a service offered globally, Bringit aims to solve one of the most headache problems of traveling - transporting luggage - with a simple, safe solution and affordable.

With a fee of $25 for up to two bags, travelers flying into or out of Miami International Airport can now request their carry-on or check bags to be received and delivered with the click of a button.

Customers can register through the web-based application on, enter their flight details and Bringit will receive baggage at the airport and transport to their desired destination.

Bringit is available on its website and will appear soon through the Android or iOS mobile app when it launches in New York.

"On a business trip in NYC I noticed people lugging their baggage down Times Square, and asked myself, 'with today's technology, why are we still traveling with our bags like we did 100 years ago? Is it me, or does that seem old fashioned?" said the new luggage delivery start-up's founder Israel Arellano.

After going through two rounds of seed investments, the company achieved $1.8 million in funding and is expected to reach $5 million by June 2019. During this time, Arellano and his team were undergo a rigorous government, TSA analysis and conduct ongoing tests to logistics and operational systems.

Bringit will be accessible for travelers flying to and from Miami International Airport (MIA) from all of its terminals, including international flights. The service will expand to New York in February and Los Angeles this summer, with 10 other major international airports in the next 24 months.

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