BLANCPAIN Women Collection - The state of grace.

A resolutely feminine spirit celebrating beauty and refinement.
Since 1930, Blancpain has played a pioneering role in the history of women's watch with the presentation of the first automatic wristwatch for women. Since then, the Manufacture has continued to innovate by miniaturizing the movements in order to provide its female models of watch complications hitherto reserved for men. Innovative aesthetic point of view, this refined collection remains faithful to the core values of Blancpain.
Conceived and designed in a decidedly feminine style, this collection Women, has only finished automatic movements and hand decorated, combines elegance and horological complications. Far from being simple cuts or adaptations of masculine watches, timepieces Women are specifically developed to meet the expectations and desires of contemporary women. Watchmaking know-how and advanced technique thus place themselves at the service of beauty.

BLANCPAIN Women Collection includes 85 models.

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