#BeVuhes selfie contest

March 03, 2020

Selfie has become a part of our lives as people want to capture the best moments. Selfie contest, like #BeVuhes, is where we can show off our beautiful pictures.

How to participate in the contest?


#BeVuhes selfie contest / Ph: Pexels@Alexy Almond

The selfie sent to this online selfie contest #BeVuhes must include at least another person from the same or different generation. Therefore, to participate in this contest, participants are required to invite at least one person from the same or the different generation to be in the picture. You can have your friends, your neighbour, your grandparents, children or grandchildren, students, colleagues,…in your selfie for the contest. Send a picture that was taken of you with other people, recording the memorable moments you have together.


Taking a selfie to create a meaningful moment of connection / Ph: Pexels@Andrea Piacquadio

The picture sent to the #BeVuhes contest could be a selfie one or a regular one. There is no need to take a brand new picture. If you already have an unique selfie in your smartphone, send it immediately. Don’t forget to write some sentences telling about people in the picture or something meaningful that you want this person to know.

After that, it is time to post the selfie on social media. You can either post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even Linkedin. Remember to include the hashtag #BeVuhes and tag your friends or colleagues to encourage them to post their own selfie. If you have no social media account, you can send your selfie to the contest via email at the address Selfie@vuhes.com. Some meaningful sentences are a must to tell us about your relationship with people in the selfie and how you feel toward them.

How to get started?

There is no limit on the time and place to take a selfie. Individuals can take #BeVuhes selfie everywhere, for instance, in a family or in a park and even in a shopping mall. For organizations, taking selfie at the company’s party, in the break time or during the work is a good idea.

Before sending selfie to the #BeVuhes contest, please remember that you need to be more than 18 years old. This is the limited age to post the #BeVuhes selfie on social media. You also need to ask everyone involved to put the selfie online to avoid troubles. The contest only receives G-rated photos and never forget the hashtag #BeVuhes.

Online selfie contest like #BeVuhes is where we can express our feelings to our loved one. Let’s capture the best moments and send them to the #BeVuhes contest right soon!