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Best ways to lose face fat and double chin

October 28, 2019

Double chin, or submental fat, occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin. Some people claim that it is normal; however, we cannot deny it makes you less attractive. So how to get rid of face fat and double chin fast?

Diet is a must if your double chin is caused by weight gain

There are several double chin causes and the most common one is weight gain. However, if you are not overweight but still have submental fat, it could be your genetics or looser skin causing double chin. Here is how to reduce face fat and double chin fast:


Exercises are how to get rid of double chin naturally at home. Although there has not been scientific evidence about the effectiveness of targeting-a-double-chin exercises, there exists anecdotal evidence. Exercises can reduce fat under chin since they can strengthen and tone the muscles and skin in the area of your double chin.

Straight jaw jut is how to get rid of double chin naturally that many people are applying. Repeat it 10 to 15 times daily to see what it brings. First, tilt your head back while looking toward the ceiling. Second, push your lower jaw forward to feel a stretch under your chin and hold the jaw jut for a 10 count. Last, relax your jaw and return your head to natural position.


If your face fat is due to a weight gain, losing weight is how to get rid of double chin naturally. When designing your diet plan to get rid of double chin, remember:

  • Eat four servings of vegetable every day

  • Eat three servings of fruits daily

  • Use whole grains instead of refined grains

  • Avoid processed foods, fried foods

  • Eat lean protein, healthy fats and low-fat dairy products

  • Reduce sugar consumed

  • Practice portion control


If you want to get rid of face fat and double chin, mesotherapy is an ideal solution. This double chin surgery procedure helps to reduce fat through fat-dissolving compound injected into your chin. The Food and Drug Administration approved deoxycholic acid, an injectable drug used in this double chin removal surgery. Deoxycholic acid can work to help your body absorb fats.

You may need 20 or more injections of deoxycholic acid per double chin treatment and there would be 6 treatments total. Each treatment may take you at least a week before the next treatment.

Above are some best ways to lose face fat and double chin. Before starting a diet or exercise program, ask your doctor for eating plan, weight loss goals and any health concern.

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