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Best male pattern baldness cure

December 30, 2019

Although baldness is not a serious disease, it is always a constant obsession for those suffering from it. Therefore, finding the male pattern baldness causes and treatment is always seen as a need. It is necessary for many people, with the sharing below hope that you will find yourself a satisfactory answer about the reason for the formation of baldness and more specifically, give you the right hair loss treatment for men. Best to quickly regain your confidence!

Ph Pexels@malcolm garret
Ph: Pexels@malcolm garret

What is baldness?

Baldness is a situation in which hair loss is too much and disproportionate, making many of the scalp patches empty, smooth, and no pores.

The disease can occur in both men and women, but men account for a higher proportion. In the past, male pattern baldness was common after the age of 40, but now the disease is showing signs of rejuvenation: many cases of early baldness at age 30, even 20, 25 years old, have experienced baldness.

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Hair transplant risks is inherited, up to 95% of men with hair loss are hereditary. In addition, the natural chemical reactions on the scalp, oil glands that contain an enzyme that closely resembles the male sex hormones have a direct effect on the growth of hair follicles. When the reaction occurs, the sex hormone will convert into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), then DHT will reverse the action in the hair follicles and cause them to shrink, thereby forming a condition of excessive hair loss, leading to baldness in male.

Signs of baldness

In fact, baldness not only happens to people in modern times, but it has been around for a long time. Even from Ancient times in Greece, it was considered a disease. But at this time, due to the lack of scientific research using modern machines, it was thought to be due to sexual intercourse, damaged haircuts, air pollution, or by a parasitic bacteria on a hairbrush.

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Each person can identify the risk of baldness through some of the following signs:

#Hair loss a lot and continuously for a long time

#No hair regrowth or very little regrowth

#Numerous scalp patches were exposed

For men, baldness is usually bald (resulting from patchy hair loss), the frontal line is lost, and the bald part is usually concentrated on the top of the head and on the temples and the scalp is smooth.

Male pattern baldness causes

Hair germ cells located in the hair follicles below the scalp are referred to as “seeds”, the source of hair growth and development. If hair germ cells are provided with enough nutrition, hair grows in the right cycle, the hair is strong and shiny. In the case of new hair growth, meager, weak and thin .. maybe due to weakened hair germ cells and some other causes.

According to research from the perspective of molecular biology, hair experts discovered the factors that affect the hair from the outside (such as pollution of environment, chemicals, temperature, etc.), only equal to 1/3 of the internal factors. in (like endocrine nerves, hair germ cells ..). If you accumulate many harmful agents at the same time, the hair germ cells will weaken and refuse to move down to the bottom of the hair growth bulge into hair. At that time, affecting the development of hair, new hair grows, thin, weak and brittle.

Hair germ cells are the place where the hair grows first, the quality of the hair when it grows out of the scalp is beautiful or bad, depending on this stage. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, taking medicine, inhaling industrial chemicals, prolonged stress, stressful life .. shortens the lifespan of hair.

Hair loss treatment for men at home

# Using grapefruit essential oil – one of best way to treat male pattern baldness naturally

Essential oil in grapefruit peel contains large amounts of pectin, naringin and vitamins A, C, … with the effect of treating hair loss, promote hair growth faster and strong.

Usage: Take a few drops of essential oil mixed with water and spray over the scalp, then use your hands to massage 3-5 minutes and relax for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. If it is not convenient to buy grapefruit oil, you can take it directly to shampoo.


# Using coconut oil – One of best natural cure for male pattern baldness

Not only does it moisturize the skin, coconut oil is also a way to thicken hair to stimulate hair growth and bring fluttering, shiny hair.

Usage: Take a sufficient amount of coconut oil and rub evenly from the hair roots to the ends. Relax for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Note: Due to moisturizing, coconut oil is only recommended to use 1-2 times/week.

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# Onion – effective bald tips

According to many studies, onions contain phosphorus and sulfur, which increase hair growth quickly. This is one of the easy-to-find ingredients that work wonderfully in baldness treatment.

Usage: The treatment of folk baldness from onions is very simple. Take a sufficient amount of onions and puree to make a mask for hair loss. Or you can also filter the juice from the ground onion, apply it to your hair and incubate with a hot towel for 20-30 minutes. Perform 3-4 times a week will bring you healthy thick hair like that.

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Male baldness hair transplant surgery

In order to treat male pattern baldness completely and quickly, they should choose the best way to treat male baldness.

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With the development of medicine today, experts have discovered the technology of biological tissue hair transplantation to treat baldness safely and quickly after only one treatment, you will regain beautiful thick healthy hair  and not fall back.

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Biomedical hair transplant technology uses the client’s own healthy hair follicles through the extraction process and then implants into tiny pores in the bald area to minimize invasive damage. Hereby the hair will cling firmly to the scalp, develop strong, produce fibroblasts, separate and develop after 8 – 12 weeks bald area will be covered with thick new, strong hair.

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Not only does it is the best male pattern baldness cure, it is also an absolute safe treatment with high compatibility due to the use of non-irritating, non-rejection hair. The whole process of hair transplantation and baldness treatment is performed at the hospital in a completely sterile room with a team of highly qualified doctors to ensure an effective and absolutely safe hair transplant.

Coming back Vuhes regularly to keep yourself updated with latest male pattern baldness cure.

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