Best collagen stimulation treatments

For patients aged 40-60, using collagen stimulating fillers has become an increasingly popular treatment option.

  [caption id="attachment_28723" align="aligncenter" width="500"] For patients aged 40-60, using collagen stimulating fillers has become an increasingly popular treatment option / Ph: Pexels@Ali Pazani[/caption]


Benefits of collagen stimulating fillers


The same as  most women (and many men) celebrating their 40th birthday, you may feel a little frustrated with the way gravity has caused your face.

It is true to say that Collagen stimulation treatments deliver results that are age-appropriate, natural and have lasting results. In particular, for this beauty method, the risk of complications is very low. To address volume loss and contour defects caused by aging, disease or injury, many people have used dermal fillers as a popular means. This beauty method helps restore facial volume and plumpness for wrinkles and folds over time.. The most widely used are hyaluronic acid gel based substances.

In fact, in medical aesthetics, permanent collagen-stimulating skin fillers have become an increasingly important and popular treatment. The role of collagen stimulation in facial aesthetics has been studied extensively since the introduction of collagen-stimulating fillers calcium hydroxyapatite and poly-L-lactic in 2006 and 2004.

You may not be aware that the initial use of poly-L-lactic acid is in patients with severe facial fat atrophy associated with HIV infection. This was discovered in a 2006 literature review by El-Beyrouty et al. Results showed that the thickness was improved in these patients.

All skin fillers including traditional hyaluronic acid cause reactions to the body. So when implementing this beauty method, it is important to understand the biological process that ensues. Collagen-stimulating skin fillers have a long-term effect, if stabilized, they will create healthy Type I collagen and not an inflammatory reaction that creates Type III scar tissue.

Many patients are seeking beauty treatments that have natural and long-lasting results. Collagen stimulants have become the main tool they use. Thanks to it, they achieve the desired results.

Best collagen stimulation treatments

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