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Best books for business survival in times of global crisis

March 19, 2020

Below are best books for business owners to read for business survival in times of global crisis.


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing serious impacts on global economic and social activities. Businesses  in the world are experiencing unprecedented crises over the past decades. What can a business do to survive an economic crisis? or How do you survive in hard economic times? are big questions from business owners. Following guides from below books to build crisis management strategies and strong crisis management skills in order to remain a good business in crisis time.

The serious, unforeseen, unexpected crisis that caused most businesses to cope with huge challenges, there was no precesiousness. The most painful problem of entrepreneurs today is the sudden declining cash flow, there are many firms with revenue are falling into vertical, leading to a serious liquidity loss. The problems of sales, personnel, organization and management are being laid out in need of leaders to make the best decisions for the organization. Many businesses operate in moderation or shut down, and are full of stuck in coping with unspecified future.

However this context is also a very good time for business owners to have time to reconsider strategic orientation, business activities, supplies, sales channels, new investment programs… In which the reading for learning experiences from the world’s leading experts is possible to help them get more information to have effective solutions during this period.

The below books suggest about methods of the risk management in the crisis time and bring out new initiatives, new ways of thinking which is probably helpful for business owners.


The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb



“Black Swan” is the term that the book author Nassim Nicholas Taleb used to call events incredibly unexpected, unpredictable, often leaving profound consequences for individuals and even societies.

The ongoing battle & crisis can be considered as a typical “Black Swan” event. And in this book the author will help the reader discover the essence of the events that most people still think of as random, as well as the thinking pitfalls that make us too important of small details and misses the overall picture; leading to the shortcomings when making predictions, conclusions and actions.

If you want to make predictions for your future or organization, the “Black Swan” will be a very useful, unique and lure book. It helps you learn how to differentiate from real knowledge with just be noise signals, and how to leverage your “stupidity” better, identify potential opportunities, and how to limit the risk if any.


Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder / Ph: Amazon


If you bought the Black Swan book then this is a book you can’t ignore because these two books are a perfect couple which writing about the topic of crisis and recovering  after the crisis by the famous author Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

In this book, Nassim has proved that many things in life also benefit from stress, disturbance, volatility and chaos; Just like our bones become stronger after pressure and stress, or rumors and blows are even extra-exploding as people try to extinguish them. And he called it “the ability to improve adversity ” and propose how to build this capability in every individual, organization; In order to cope with adversity, individual or organization is not only able to strongly cope, recover quickly and develops better after adversity.


Peace Of Mind And How To Attain It, With Crisis Management: A Personal Study

Peace Of Mind And How To Attain It, With Crisis Management: A Personal Study / Ph: Amazon


This book was written in the quest to master crisis situations in the author’s life by attaining a deeper understanding of the processes at work in the mind. It is addressed to those wishing to bring more equilibrium and poise into their life, both in times of quiet, when the mind has a tendency to wander off, and in times of crisis, when firm supervision is needed. It will enable you to understand more profoundly the mechanisms at work in your mind and guide your mind to adopt a more peaceful mode of operation. In the crisis situations common in modern life – with problems related to business activities, like computer breakdowns, and breakdowns in relationships – life may be very seriously disrupted, leaving us at the mercy of our rampant mind. The book provides easy-to-follow directions to handle this situation. It is for those who already have plenty of experience of life and living, but have not yet been successful in obtaining effective control of their state of mind and wish to gain a fuller understanding of the way the mind works. And also to learn techniques to handle the mind in times of crisis and severe disruption. The methods given are non-Christian. They were developed during crisis situations in the author’s personal life, which he was able to master successfully using the techniques described.


Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis: 7 Essential Lessons for Surviving Disaster


Ph: eBay


The book’s author, Ian I. Mitroff, is a professor of the Marshall School of Business and the University of Northern California, he is also regarded as the leading expert in crisis management in the world.

In this book he pointed out the fundamental challenges that all organizations from public to private, profitable to non-profits need to cope and pass over for to remain in existence and grow stronger in the current society.

And in order to be able to cope and overcome these challenges, Ian I. Mitroff has proposed and pointed out how the seven essential capacities are applied, helping businesses and organizations anticipate, plan, cope, and be able to take their organization to the next level after crises, which are inevitable in today’s world.

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