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Benefits and Risks of Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

September 02, 2018

Currently, the FDA warned against using energy-based devices in order to treat many vaginal conditions and symptoms. According to the FDA, using energy-based devices to perform cosmetic vaginal procedures, or vaginal ‘rejuvenation,’ to treat vaginal conditions related to urinary incontinence, menopause, or sexual function can lead to serious adverse effects. The effectiveness and safety of these treatments has not been established.


The FDA has no control over the ability of physicians to use the energy-based devices when performing vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Therefore, it is important for providers who offer vaginal rejuvenation options to understand available scientific data relating to the procedure. And, physicians also need to ensure that their patients understand the risks related to the procedure.

According to Dr. Goodman, these energy-based devices are basically safe, but not necessarily effective in treating vaginal conditions and problems. He added that the term ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ is non-directive as to ensure the removal from the lexicon. So, patients should understand scientific data relating to these procedures before deciding to perform them.

The FDA warns patients and providers about the serious concerns of unproven treatments. For providers, it is clear to know that energy-based devices are not proven safe for vaginal rejuvenation procedures. For consumers, they should understand these devices have not been approved to be the infective treatment for vaginal symptoms related to urinary incontinence, menopause or sexual function.

Besides, the government agency also recommends the same to those who offer these vaginal rejuvenation procedures to patients. They need to talk about both the benefits and risks of these treatment options.

In the terms of “vaginal rejuvenation”, there are also some treatments with very good marks. Here are four laser and energy-based treatment devices that are the most worth trying options:

– diVa Vaginal Therapy (Sciton)

– FemiLift (Alma)

– ThermiVa

– MonaLisa Touch

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