Beauty tools made of simple metals

You may familiar with skin care tools which are high-tech electronics and digital device. So, you will be surprised by beauty tools introduced at BeautyX Summit and Indie beauty expo recently. They are not high tech devices.

They are made of very simple metals: copper, steel and brass. Now, let us find out these tools through short article.

Beauty tools made of copper, brass, steel

For a long time, beauty lovers always think beauty tools as high tech devices. They usually think that a high tech or digital device will be the best one. However, people now are interested in the simple and natural things, of course, products for beauty is not in exception. They would like to purchase cosmetic products made of organic/natural ingredients instead of chemical ingredients. They pay attention to the simple beauty tools which don’t take much time.

It is reason why some options for simple beauty tools are invented by beauty brands.

If you would like to use a tool made of copper, don’t ignore Copper Tongue Cleaner. It is an invention by Black Chicken Remedies – one of organic health and wellness company. They believe that our health starts in the mouth. If you take care of your mouth carefully, you can remove the toxins from your body. So, using a tongue cleaner is the easy way for you to detox body.

Copper Tongue Cleaner for body detox/ Ph: nourishedlife

And the face can reflect your health. Caring your face is very important. Try to use Kairetool– the new surgical steel face and body massage tool manufactured by SelfKaire. With this tool, you should use on each area of your skin face and body about 30 seconds/ a day. This remove toxicity in your soft tissue. It helps to recharge your skin.

One of the simple beauty tools is handcraft brass bowl introduced by Sound Self Care. With this tool, Sound Self Care would like to promote a self care ritual based on physical and audible vibrations when the bowl is struck with a felt –topped mallet. Customers can choose different size of bowl.

Would you like to try these beauty tools?

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