Beauty on the go is being reinvented

The world is becoming busier and busier which makes people’s life much harder. Therefore, they do not have time for themselves but going on the way all the time.

Knowing this fact, many companies such as Arcade Beauty and Vengo Labs decided to work together to launch portable products in order to help customers take care of themselves while travelling more easily.

People can use mini products wherever they are

Sampling company Arcade Beauty and retail tech maker Vengo Labs has stated to provide many places including airports, hotels or gyms with beauty product sampling kiosks. This creates great opportunities for their clients and partners to experience new kind of aesthetic goods at wherever they go. President and CEO of Arcade Beauty Peter Lennox reported that people could use their kiosks at any venue like events or high- traffic locations withouting meeting any problems thanks to the versatility of their products.

Arcade Beauty stresses at bringing beauty products along with people from place to place conveniently/ Ph: Arcade Beauty

Digital means data

Arcade Beauty is investing in new sampling technology with an aim to creating a platform for customers to enjoy a unique immersive experience. The brand offers high-tech, digital beauty vending machines so that consumers can read the guidelines before putting money into. Consumers just need to fill in their data and the machine will help them have their appropriate products.

Vengo has a wide network of 25 millions customers each month in more than 1000 locations, which can bring valuable user data for Arcade Beauty to sell their products/ Ph: Vengo

To sum up, the partnership between Vengo and Arcade Beauty to focus on beauty on the go is such a great idea. People now do not need to worry about what they should bring whenever they have to go far away. The portable beauty products of the both companies may help people’s life much easier than ever before.

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