Beauty industry insights: Fake & Authentic products market

A general view on fake & authentic products market in Beauty industry
Beauty industry is one of the largest industries in the world in 2016, and the global products market is still growing with chances in emerging markets throughout Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. 

Beauty industry insights – Fake & authentic products market 

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1. Beauty Industry Insights – Authentic Beauty Product Markets

The beauty industry can be divided into smaller segments including skincare, make-up, hair products, perfumes,.. The make-up market is expected to maintain the growth rate; for example, the US make-up market has the growth pattern of 3.8% for the 5-year period of 2013-2018. The skincare market is the largest part in the world cosmetics industry. And according to a recent study, India and Indonesia will be potential growth markets in the next years. In 2013, nearly $17.3 billion was created through online beauty shops and mail-order product sales. Many companies are offering new beauty products that are marketed through social media. 

2. Beauty Industry Insights – Fake Beauty Product Markets

The beauty industry seems to be a target for counterfeiters. China is known as the largest market for fake beauty products. When checking a pair of ski gloves, Charles Scholz, a genuine fake buster, determined: “The tag is real, but the product is not”. Chinese counterfeiting costs an estimate of $20 billion a year in lost profits. In case there is one consumer goods manufacturer, there is as much as 70% of the goods on the market are fake products.

3. Beauty Industry Insights – Guide To Buy Authentic Products At Stores

We will give you side-by-side comparisons of authentic and fake bags from some of the most powerful brands. For a Chanel bag, remember that just because a bag goes with an authenticity card does not factually make it authentic. You should be wary of these cards when buying bags outside of the official stores of a brand. You can spot the counterfeiters on the bottom of authenticity cards. Other inconsistencies are the front size, the type for the bag number, and the fake-looking symbol sticker that is on the upper right corner. For Hermès, you need to check out the label stamp that is on the top of bag. Note that the fake bag has the stamp on top of the leather while the authentic stamp is actually a part of the fabric. Next, look at the quality of stamp. It is very deep like the way it was machine-stamped. The stamp of the fake bag is larger than that of the authentic bag. And once again, stitching was an important factor find out the fake’s identity. You start looking at details, edges and corners, you will be able to notice that the stitching gets sloppy. 

4. Beauty Industry Insights – Guide To Buy Authentic Products At Online Sites

The best way for you is to buy at authorized stores. In case you buy beauty products from online websites, you need to know your grammar. Check the spelling and grammar of these websites. Most of the people do not pay attention to this detail, so some people can try to deceive you by changing the spelling of a powerful brand or shop. Besides, in case you have not purchased from the seller ever before, do a research and read online reviews.    

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