Beauty and Wellness trends by 2019 Facebook IQ

The Topics and Trends Report from Facebook IQ is known as an expert bringing conversations on Facebook that helps people figure out what will matter them in the next year. In 2019, they also provide some beauty and wellness trends as usual.

Green beauty

Ph: Julie Wettla 

As the world is becoming worse nowadays, people are likely to opt for cosmetic products that can make them look good and protect the environment at the same time. Thus, a lot of consumers are buying natural goods instead of chemical ones. They want to live in a sustainable planet so they try to reduce as much bad products as possible.


Ph: innisfree

We cannot deny the hot of K-pop stars over the globe. Many people, especially the youth, are influenced by their idols so they try to imitate their favorite singers or actors. That is the reason why the K-beauty has been so popular these recent years.

Selfie selling

There is no difference between selfie selling and doing stock photography. Big influencers will post their photo to attract widespread praise from supporters. Then, micro-influencers and the other ones can create networks and make money from that inspiration.

Wellness being high-end goods

When the living standard of people raises, they tend to purchase products that can bring them realistic experience more than materialistic ones. By doing that, consumers can understand well about the products then know which one is suitable for them to buy.

All in all, it is very useful for everyone to know which matters them each year. Thanks to beauty and wellness trends from Facebook IQ, people can find it easy to update with the latest trends.

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