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Avoid things which cause diseases

March 25, 2020

People have always said that many diseases are from our mind. If you feel angry, insecure or sad too often, you are more likely to expose to diseases.


There is a contradiction that you might not notice. Today, we are more aware of your health, there are many advanced treatments and technology is always at its march. Thus, diseases are supposed to reduce. However, the fact is always harsh. We are not vulnerable to many diseases and the number of patients continuously are on the rise. Many diseases are uncurable, even when you are willing to pay a huge amount of money.
Just think about it. What we have to suffer in these modern days? We have to stay up late. There are pressures on our shoulder. Facing a complicated situation is common. We have no idea when we will have to suffer from a chronic disease. We are trying to explore new things every day. We try to forecast what will happen to the world in the future. However, when we are at risk of chronic diseases, we can do nothing but stay and wait for death.
Many doctors and scientists conduct research about psychopathology. Yes, psycho plays an important role in disease prevention and disease treatment. If you are always positive, happy and you can enjoy things happening to you. Your mind will be peaceful and your soul will be free, thus, you are healthier than a negative one. There are several things you need to avoid if you want to keep your mind peaceful.


The first thing to avoid is panic


Panic makes everything out of its normal activities, which cause harm to your body. When you find peace in your mind, your blood circulation, of course, will be improved significantly. This leads your spirit to a strong status.


Don’t put your mind in panic / ph: Pexels@Eternal Happiness


We are often advised to take care of our spirit, qi and mind and there is a reason for this. The thing is that it would help to strengthen your immune system, thus, avoiding the vulnerability to diseases. This is not about idealism or superstition. Rather, it is considered the fighting spirit in a war. The army with higher spirit is more likely to be the winner. In fact, this spirit is a must in everything you do, whether it is fighting, trading or starting a business,….It is your high spirit that helps you to overcome difficulties in your life.

Therefore, in treatment, it is necessary to focus on your spirit. The combination of strong spirit and the advanced treatment methods will cure everything. People suffering from serious illness or cancer often dampen their spirit themselves. Instead of following treatment methods and having positive behavior, which they are required to do, they tend to give up. They blame God to be unfair with them and complain that why bad things always happen to them.
Remember that your complaints could do nothing but make your situation worse. So why not accept your diseases and try to overcome them? As long as you find peace in your mind and your heart, you hold 50% of chance to revive.
With enlightenment to Great Faith, people will understand how things work and understand that misery or diseases are just a part of their lives, together with happiness. All of them are unavoidable, thus, challenges come just to make you stronger. Stay calm and overcome it.


Don’t be greedy


Things are supposed to not belong to you, don’t be greedy. Even when you can possess them, one day, they will leave you. People who are always greedy will have an unstable mind, causing their behaviors to be chaotic, thus leads to several disorders. When you possess things not belong to you, it means that you have to pay things back in the future. Your desire for things and greediness will be accumulated in your body, without your knowledge. One day when they are accumulated enough, you will have to suffer from serious disorders.


Stop pursuing things not belong to you / ph: Pexels@Public Domain Pictures


These days, many people just pursue money and reputation and forget that their greediness will bring them to evil ways. Many traditional values have been destroyed. They are willing to produce fake products, prompt speculation, and deceit others, even their relatives and friends to obtain more profits. Their bad behaviours have put them into a world of material worship, greediness and lust. Living in such a world, it is not strange when more and more people suffer from chronic diseases.


Hatred prevents you from a full life


The inability to release the hatred caused diseases to incurable. If someone keep blaming other people and the outside world for the difficulties they are facing, they might never find their weaknesses and shortcomings. Thus, they can never improve to be better. They hate everything, people around them and the surrounding environment. They blame God to be unfair to them. They even hate being born in this world. Their envy and cynicism are so strong that they think everyone is treating them. These people find no balance and peace in their mind, their heart, their words and their behaviors. If this situation occurs continuously, they are more likely to be depressed.


Don’t blame, accept it / ph: Pexels@Designecologist


As forgiveness is the best cure for any diseases, the more tolerant your heart is, the less disease you are likely to suffer from. Let doubts go, open your heart and you will see that your world opens, too. People with no hatred will find peace in their soul and their heart.


Find the peace in your mind


To face the changes in the surrounding environment, you need to find peace in your mind. Let the challenges and difficulties harden your heart and a bright future will open for you. You will be more mature and you are willing to deal with anything in your life.
Mediation is not about stopping trying and fighting for your life. Rather, mediation is about improving the adaptive ability to nature to reach the status of your body and the nature becoming one. Once you reach the mediation in your mind, no matter how challenging the situation is, you will not complain and not blame it to anyone else. You also will be more tolerant and are willing to forgive other’s mistakes. This is when your blood circulation is good and your health is improved considerably.

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