Asia’s beauty standard turnaround

Eurocentric beauty standards have been acceptable for a long time. Many Asian have believed that white skin is beautiful. However, a slight change in beauty idea has occurred, which prefers darker skin and Asian-seeming features.

How Asian addict to pale skin?

Pale skin has been a beauty standard for years in Asia / Ph: leftfootforwardsite.wordpress

Asian are addicted to pale and white skin, especially in some countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia,…. The Asian girls even stay on the board instead of swimming in the sea on an extremely hot day. During their conversation, they keep talking about their sunscreen and how good it is.

Moreover, there are numerous whitening skincare products in the beauty market. The advertisement of these Eurocentric beauty standards is everywhere in Asia, making whitening really a huge market.

Risks associated with Eurocentric beauty standards

There are some Eurocentric beauty standards products just work only if you use them for a particular period of time. However, using sunscreens in this way might make your skin look white and not natural.

To reach the Eurocentric beauty standards, many people have to experience the risks associated with whitening products, mainly skin damage. According to research conducted by Frontiers group in India market, more than 50% of products contained steroids, which is very harmful to your skin.

The changing beauty trend

In 2017, Malaysia Watsons released an advertisement, which was criticized strongly. Citizens claimed that this advertisement is a form of racism because of the use of blackface in it.

In an attempt to beat the addiction of Eurocentric beauty standards, an actress Jackson started a campaign #magandangmorenx (beautiful brown skin) in Twitter. Indian model Vanizha Vasanthanathan took part in #UnfairIsLovely campaign to embrace dark skin over Eurocentric beauty standards.

Promoting white skin sometimes is just a strategy of cosmetics companies to sell their products. The Asian are changing their mind over Eurocentric beauty standards. If you get a dark skin, be proud of what you get.

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