Asian male beauty standards

March 25, 2020

What are Asian male beauty standards? Are they similar among Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino? Or are they different? Let’s break it down.


Beauty standards of Asian male are affected by appearance / Actor Song Seung-Heon – Top 10 Hottest Korean Male Actors Over 40 / Ph: pinterest


Asian male beauty standards – How can we tell?


There has been a controversial debate between Asian male beauty standards and Western male beauty standards because they are totally different. Therefore, the question is what are the typical ideals of male beauty across Asian cultures and how do they contrast with Western standards?


Physical attributes affect the Asian male beauty standards


With the huge growing fandom around the world of the boyband BTS, can we easily ascertain the beauty standards of Asian male simply by looking at a male K-pop star? Korean male beauty standards are quite easy to figure out, you just need to look at their gorgeous male celebrities. A beautiful male K-pop star usually have a fit body with a six pack and muscles. This is combined with a fashion – forward hairstyle and a serious clothing game. So far, similar to their Western counterparts. However, Korean men also use a lot of make-up, which makes them look a lot more feminine when compared with Western men.

While Japanese male beauty standards are very similar to Korean ones, Filipino male beauty standards are quite different. Their handsome men are usually of mixed-blood with Spanish or other Westerners. The important thing is that they still are fashion-conscious and keep high grooming standards, much like the Korean and Japanese. About Chinese male beauty standards, an ideal Chinese guy must have a good appearance : at least be 175cm – 180cm (5’7ft to 5’9ft) and weight must be around 132lbs – 154lbs (59kg – 69kg).


Are Asian male more attractive if they are more family orientated?


In traditional Asian masculinity, the most important qualities in a man include supporting family, sexual virility and being in control. Asian women tend to choose men who are reliable so they can depend on them financially and emotionally. Most Chinese women in the past were house-wives and Chinese men always had a strong influence in the family. However, things are changing very quickly nowadays which is generating a new debate.                

In other words, Asian men are affected by Asian culture, which is quite conservative. They seem to be more attached to their families than Western men, who are far more liberal. However, that is likely not a bad thing considering that Asian women are conservative as well. Asian men and Asian women are still a very good match.                                     

Each country has its own beauty standards and people are embracing the difference. The key factor in life is that you are happy and satisfied with how you look.

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