A robotic concierge to assist passengers at Frankfurt Airport

The result of a partnership between Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport operator (FRA) and DB Systel GmbH, Deutsche Bahn's dedicated IT service provider, is a robot tour guide project.

According to this, FRAnny - Fraport's new robot concierge is being test at Frankfurt Airport.

FRAnny - the robot concierge help traveller at the Frankfurt Airport / Ph: Twitter

The usefulness of artificial intelligence for travellers

The special robot head can smile at passengers and greet them. They may say: "My name is FRAnny" or "Can I help you?". It is true to say that they are airport experts. They know the exact information about the airport gates, the way to a specific restaurant and how to access free Wi-Fi. Thus, they can assist passengers.

At the present age, the science and technology are more and more grow. The application of digital platforms to different areas has become increasingly popular. This project has adopted a digital platform to support passengers at the airport.

Franny, Social Robot helps passengers at Frankfurt Airport / Ph: Youtube

This project lasts six weeks at Frankfurt Airport that is Germany's largest aviation center. Thanks to this project, they can assess the function and usefulness of FRAnny in everyday situations. If the project results are positive, FRAnny will soon be applied at airports to assist passengers.

FRAnny is built based on an artificial intelligence platform and cloud-based voice user interface. FRAnny provides tourists with information about travel, airport facilities, etc. Especially, FRAnny can communicate with visitors in English, German and other 7 languages. After 4 weeks of testing with about 4,400 interactions, FRAnny received much positive feedback from passengers. However, they still need further improvement.

It can hardly be denied that FRAnny is very useful for passengers. They will soon become effective assistants for future travellers.

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