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Are you seeking cool unique lamps?

August 25, 2019

Recently, famous designer Zhekai Zhang has come up with unique lamp ideas to produce a lamp collection called Coffire. Let’s give it a look.

The random texture brings a unique look for each lamp / Ph: ZHEKAI.ZHANG

How is a lamp in the Coffire collection made?

The creative lamp designs take advantages of used coffee grounds to mimic the texture of marble. The creator Zhekai Zhang gained great inspiration for his lamps unique designs by ancient Chinese pit-firing techniques. The thing that makes this method outstanding is that it forms an “imperfect” random texture, according to its designer. 

However, it is the random texture that gives each lamp a distinctive light, which is also its selling point. Recycled coffee grounds play a crucial role in forming the porcelain surface. In the firing process, during the temperature of below 10000 C, there will be an interaction between the biodiesel and the sugar which is still in the coffee grounds. The two substances then are oxidized to red matter. And as the texture is strongly influenced by various factors, including temperature, humidity, coffee ground density, a pink random texture is formed and leaves it a natural look. This is how cool design lamps are made.

Is it worth spending?

There is total of 261 designs in the Coffire collection which has been listed for Dezeen Awards 2019. Each cool lamp shade design has its own design which is different from others in the same collection. It is natural and beautiful and it brings the marble-like effects for your houses, offices or restaurants.

With his creative lamp designs, Zhekai Zhang successfully promotes coffee drink while being one of the most creative designers in the field of ceramic firing techniques.

His idea came from the amount of coffee ground which is available worldwide and the thing coming to his mind is that it would be great if the coffee grounds are reused. After researching, he found that using coffee grounds to colour ceramics is much safer than using toxic metals. Moreover, the disposal of them consumes a lot of energy and it is also harmful to the environment. So why not taking advantage of coffee ground to make a unique lamp?

Zhekai Zhang has succeeded in commercializing his idea of bringing creative lamp designs from coffee grounds waste. His lamps are so special that promise to bring a unique look to your space.

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