Are you a (Scandi) Scandinavian Fashion style’s lover?

June 28, 2020

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you may hear about the (Scandi) Scandinavian style at least once. This style is one of the most noticeable current fashion trends in the fashion world. So what it is and how can you pursue it?


What do you know about the (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion style?


Are you a (Scandi) Scandinavian Fashion style's lover?
(Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion includes simple design, comfort and ethical quality / ph: pexels


The words that best describe the (Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion includes simple design, comfort and ethical quality. This is the art of dressing comfortably while still your stunning appearance. No flashy logos, no expensive advertising campaigns. This is how (Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion style go. “So how do I get Scandinavian look?” If this is your question so let’s find the answer below.

If you have taken part in a (Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion fair or a (Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion show, there is one rule that you might notice “less is more”. This is the rule that any (Scandi) Scandinavian fashionista sticks to. There are seven pillars of (Scandi) Scanadinavian fashion style that you should take note.


#1: Black, a lot of blacks


Following the (ScandiScandinavian fashion trends, the first thing you should keep in mind is black. Scandinavian women wear black a lot as it is solid, elegant and flattering. Besides, black colour reflects the style’s spirit of minimalism, delicacy and ease of the Nordic style. There are 3 black items that must be in any Scandinavian women’s wardrobe, including a little black dress, black pants and black tights.


Black is a must-have colour in your wardrobe

Black is a must-have colour in your wardrobe / Ph: Pexels


#2: Putting on sophisticated blouses


How do you dress like Swedish? Always have some sophisticated blouses in your collection. Blouses are what famous (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion designers put much their attention on these days because this style insists on practicality. Tees and sweaters, in spite of their fashion look, are not too popular as they cannot be mixed and matched with all other items.  That is the reason why (ScandiScandinavian fashion style‘ enthusiasts go for sophisticated blouses to create many different outfits.


#3: Layers


Since temperature is unstable in Scandinavia, coats are a necessary item while still bring a stylish look. Swedes mainly choose black, pink, subtle brown and navy blue colours for their coats. The most popular colour on (ScandiScandinavian international fashion week this year is blue so you can try some if you are pursuing (ScandiScandinavian fashion trends. The reason why Scandi women add layers to their outfits is not only for a sophisticated appearance but also because these layers help them to feel comfortable. You can consider blazer with long sleeve crop top outfits or a cardigan over a silk blouse or a white tee under a dress.


#4: Fashionable footwear


Footwear is an important part to define (ScandiScandinavian fashion style. When choosing their footwears, Scandi women often concentrate on practicality, comfort and flair. So, a must-have footwear item is Converse All Star sneakers, which suits most items, including dresses, skirts, jeans, pants and shorts.

Another option attracting (Scandi) Scandinavian women is leather or suede ankle boots as they suit any clothes while are still are comfortable. Other prefered footwear items are the basic Oxfords and loafers. They are sanity while allowing you to get creative.


#5: Basics


Basics are what Scandinavian fashionistas concentrate on and also are what best (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion designers are pushing. Most (Scandi) Scandinavian women like mixing and matching wardrobe-essentials instead of buying them as a full set. The list of essential items that can be mixed and matched for all seasons include a white tee, versatile jeans (skinny, loose, flared), black pumps, flats, a leather jacket, a suede or leather tote bag.


#6: Details


Add appropriate accessories to get a trendy look

Add appropriate accessories to get a trendy look / Ph: Pexels


To achieve a laid-back yet still trendy look, you should also focus on details. Just by adding appropriate accessories, you can shift a monochrome outfit at work into the one for the party with friends. Although (ScandiScandinavian fashion style‘ lovers keen on black, they like making accents, for instance, just by wearing a statement necklace, earrings, the belt or the scarf of a bold hue.


Where to get the most incredible (Scandi) Scandinavian items?


How do I get (Scandi) Scandinavian look? Of course, you need to adopt some of the top (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion brands in the world as we list below.


1- Stine goya


One of the most famous (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion brands in the world is Stine Goya, a brand which was founded in 2006 by designer Stine Goya. For her, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration which help her to develop further. It is her use of vibrant colours and experimental silhouettes that characterize her excellent designs.


2- Rotate


Rotate brand is too familiar with people who pursue (ScandiScandinavian fashion trends. Using bold prints and textured fabrics as key themes, designers and stylists Jeanette Friis Madsen and Thora Valdimars create the most incredible dresses with a statement twist.


3- Stand


Stand is a noticeable brand in the world of (ScandiScandinavian fashion which is inspired by the effortless femininity of the French and the simplicity of Scandinavia itself. This brand was officially introduced to the public in 2014 by Nillie Kamras whose vision is to make high-end leather items at an accessible price. His family also took part in the leather business, which is a great advantage for him, making his seasonal collections sold out every year. Stand is too perfect for a woman who is desperate for a faultless capsule wardrobe of delicate staples.


4- Cecile Bahnsen


Cecile Bahnsen’s designs may not perfect an answer to the question of “What is (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion style?” The reason is that they do not automatically match up with the minimalism stereotypically associated with famous (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion designers. However, her feminine and trilly designs imbue a sense of modernity that is hard to resist. Cecillie Bahnsen used to be an assistant of Erdem and a previous LVMH Design Priza finalist. And now, with her Scandinavian fashion brand, she is destined for the fashion main stage.


5- Gestuz


Laidback but polished, Gestuz perfectly reflect Scandinavian spirit / Ph: Gestuz


Established in 2008 by a Danish designer Sanne Sahested Nielsen, Gestuz is well known for exquisite separates that are easily incorporated into any fashionable wardrobe. To describe items made by this talented designer, the famous (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion designers praise them as an incredible balance between Scandi chic and subtle ladylike influences and between edgy and elegant and crafted. Each piece is laid back yet polished, minimal yet feminine. And that is what makes items from this brand always in high demand among Scandinavian style’ lovers.


6- Bruuns Bazaar


Bruuns Bazaar brings what is (Scandi) Scandinavian fashion style and it is highly valued by Scandi designers. Run by Lene Borggaard – a creative director, Bruuns Bazaar has set the precedent for (Scandi) Scandinavian cool since its foundation in 1999. Since brothers Teis and Bjorn Bruun started their brand as a pared-back luxury, the brand has passed through many challenges before becoming one of the most outstanding names in the world of (ScandiScandinavian fashion. Its strength of luxe yet understated basics is what will continue to drive the brand further.

Why do you still hesitate when the whole world is admiring the Scandinavian ways of dressing and the incredible items they produce? If you are a Scandinavian style’s lover and about to pursue this amazing (ScandiScandinavian fashion style, some top Scandinavian fashion brands that we have mentioned above are a good way to start.

Now it is time to invest for your personal value.

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