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AR / VR is a big target for retailers and technology companies

May 05, 2019

Retailers have tested AR / VR technology that allows customers to experience their products online. It is a big step for the future market.

More than 140 companies including retailers and technology companies have formed a group to create a common set of standards for 3D images used to purchase augmented reality and virtual reality (AR / VR), according to a notification shared with Mobile Marketer publisher. It is a sign that AR / VR is getting more and more attention.

Next year, more than 100 million consumers will shop with AR technology / Ph. Pinterest

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce product returns

Shrenik Sadalgi, Wayfair’s director and chair of the newly formed 3D Commerce Exploratory Group, said: “We believe 3D will be ubiquitous in the coming years and that it is imperative to standardize 3D content so it can be exchanged effectively and experienced consistently.”

Khronos Group, an open group of companies that create advanced 3D standards, has set up an exploration team to combine the retail, manufacturing and technology industries to communicate more clearly and deliver Better technology development.

Khronos aims to increase interest in creating a common set of technical standards to display 3D products when many brands combine AR / VR into their shopping services. If the expedition team finds reliable support, Khronos will create a working group that will develop standards and supports the development of AR / VR shopping.

Retailers, especially in the home furniture industry, have for the past few years tested AR / VR technology that allows mobile users to place virtual furniture in their homes and offices to see if it looks like how and fit. By working together, retailers, manufacturers and technology companies can make these shopping experiences more appealing to consumers, able to guide them in making decisions.

Khronos cited a Gartner study predicting substantial growth for AR / VR shopping in the next few years as high-speed 5G technology expands worldwide. Next year, more than 100 million consumers will shop with AR technology. Nearly half (46%) of retailers plan to deploy AR / VR technology next year, according to Gartner. The higher speed of 5G promises to enable better real-time display for the immersive experience, as well as allowing brands to expand their shopping platforms beyond traditional stores and websites on mobile devices.

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