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An unique sustainable fashion design

August 31, 2019

The fashion industry hasn’t had a good impact on the environment because of toxic chemicals. However, sustainable fashion brands have changed our way of thinking.

Vollebak T-shirt is a unique sustainable fashion design/ Ph: Vollebak

Sustainable fashion trend aims to enhance environmental and social responsibility. All the clothing, shoes as well as accessories are manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner, with the concern about the environment and social wellbeing.

Sustainable fashion brands are changing the fashion industry

This trend is changing the way we understand about fashion. Not only does it reduces the amount of micro fibers, but also toxic waste released into the environment. Additionally, these fashion designs are distinct and unique, harmless to users and they also support animal rights. Vollebak is a tech-based clothing brand that has released their newest collection including a T-shirt made from wood pulp and algae. These materials come from sustainably managed forests and they break down in soil within 3 months. This T-shirt is fashionable and eco-friendly.

Vollebak T-shirt – An unique sustainable fashion design

Vollebak sources wood from plants such as beech, eucalyptus, and spruce trees. They will be chipped and pulped before being turned into fabric. Also, there is a green block on the front of the T-shirt which is made entirely from algae. This aquatic plant is turned into a printable ink in order to make this design of T-shirt to be an unique one. Because of the natural properties of algae, the green block can be faded and changed into different color over time.

When you no longer need the T-shirt, you can bury it in the ground or put it out in the compost. After 3 months, with the help of fungus, bacteria and heat from the earth, it will decompose. The process will be faster if the environment that you put it in is hotter and has more bacteria and fungi. Be aware that it will only break down when it is composted or buried in the ground, not in your closet.

There is no doubt that this unique sustainable fashion design of Vollebak has changed the impact of fashion industry on the environment and society. And of course it is still fashionable!

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