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Allium odorum : a solution to cure erectile dysfunction naturally at home

January 13, 2020

Curing erectile dysfunction naturally using Allium odorum has been used for years. It is one of good erectile dysfunction treatment options.

This cure erectile dysfunction without drugs is simple yet effective. Let’s find out the real effects of Allium odorum on men’s health.

Using Allium odorum is a solution to cure erectile dysfunction naturally at home. Source: Google

Erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom which is a result of complex multisystem processes in a man’s body, including body, nervous system, muscles, hormones and emotions. It is defined as trouble getting or keeping an erection that is firm enough for sex. According to several reports, it is the most common sex problem related to men.

Treatment to this erectile function may be prescription medicine or injections, penis suppository, testosterone replacement, a penis pump, a penile implant, blood vessel surgery. Also, there are some alternative treatments such as using plants or herbs. One of the most common plants for this problem isAllium odorum.
Allium odorum, also known as Chinese chives, are an edible species of the genus Allium. This plant has close relatives with the common onions, garlic, shallot, leek, scallion and Chinese onions. Allium odorum are not only spice to dishes but also valuable medicine for cough, fever, sore throat, back pain,..and especially erectile dysfunction. Nutrients contained in this plant include sugar, protein, vitamin, calcium, fibre and other minerals which can boost libido in men by increasing male hormone production and improving the quantity and quality of sperm. Therefore, it is used to control penile erection time, giving you exciting sex experience.
Besides, unlike the other methods of erectile dysfunction, this cure erectile dysfunction without drugs is cheap, safe and effective, which is the reason why more and more men are seeking ways to apply this method at home.

How to cure erectile dysfunction at home with Allium odorum? 

You can drink the Allium odorum juice every day in two weeks and see the result as a option for cure erectile dysfunction naturally at home. If you find it hard to drink the Allium odorum juice, use it in your meal can be a solution for treating erectile dysfunction naturally. For instance, you can fry Allium odorum with eggs. It will be easier to eat this plant.

Allium odorum is really a multifunctional plant, besides allium odorum medicinal use, Allium odorum is also one of natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

When using this plant for curing erectile dysfunction naturally, don’t forget a proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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