Home Alert on accidental blindness from fillers

Alert on accidental blindness from fillers

July 30, 2019

When a person undergoes plastic surgery, there are many potential cosmetic surgery risks that she has to face. Recently, there is an increase in accidental blindness from fillers, thus many doctors are giving a warning.

Warning about Cosmetic procedure risks related to fillers

The risks of cosmetic surgery related to fillers

Taking risks of plastic and cosmetic surgery is what all patients have to consider before they receive aesthetic treatments. However, people seem to ignore the hard facts of dermal filler failure and continue to take this kind of procedure.
According to the risks of plastic surgery statistics produced by Australasian College of Cosmetic Survey, the number of people going blind after taking dermal fillers is increasing dramatically. As what ACSS has collected, nearly 200 people endure cosmetic procedure risks which cause accidental blindness all over the world.

Cosmetic treatments are medical treatments which carry risks. However, many Australians do not even know it. They believe dermal fillers are beauty treatments, which are in the same category with facials, and ignore risks of cosmetic surgery.
Add to that, the use of illegal fillers by unqualified practitioners is also increasing. Patients put themselves in plastic surgery risks and dangers when choosing the wrong practitioners. This includes temporary loss of eyesight, blocked blood vessels, alarming facial growths, and the most serious: blindness.

Ask yourself before taking cosmetic procedures

– Who is your doctor? Is he or she a licensed one? This is an important question. Don’t put yourself at beauty treatments risks because of your carelessness.
– What is the product they will inject into your body? You have to be sure about the things that are going to be injected into your body. Of course, they must be standard-approved products.
– How do they prepare for an emergency? You have to know what they will do if there are plastic surgery risks. Don’t believe what they say. There is no beauty treatment which is perfectly safe. Everything can happen and your health should be put on the top priority.
Does your doctor have experience? What training course that he has done?
The risks of plastic surgery are necessary to consider, especially when patients become easygoing and the use of illegal fillers is uncontrollable. So you need to be wise before deciding to undergo any cosmetic procedures. Following Vuhes daily for more updates about aesthetics news.

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