Airport Spas will be a great choice for customers to be comfortable during flight delays

You were very upset when coming to the airport but the flight is delayed? Read the following article to know the 7 spas to help you relax while waiting for your plane to take off.

The 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor has confirmed that the current health care tourism market is worth $ 639 billion and is growing steadily at 6.5%, more than double the growth rate of tourism in general. Airports captured these numbers, has begun to introduce a range of health services in the lounges and the airline's high-end stations far beyond massage chairs.

Airports has begun to introduce a range of health services in the lounges / Ph. Timeless Spa

DUBAI: Timeless Spa

The Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport is also named the World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa and its list of services reflects a wide range of specialties, from 60-minute facials until anti-intensive aging facials, nail treatments, and body scrubs.

NEW YORK: Be Relax

The French spa chain, Be Relax, has more than 52 spas worldwide, but it has launched its largest location at JFK, JetBlue stations. Spread over 1,000 square feet, it focuses on fast services like 10-minute massages and 20-minute facials, but it also offers slightly more related services such as Swedish massage, acupuncture and even waxing in a private room.

Chicago, Newark, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles: United Airlines Lounge

Come to the business class lounge of United Airline, Polaris, if you go to the above cities to make sure you are relaxed and recharged before the flight with the necessary things like Cowshed's products from Soho House & Co.

PARIS: Air France Salon Lounge

The wellness area is 5,920m2 inside the Air France Salon Lounge space including two private saunas, mini bedrooms and relaxation area under the ceiling Aurora Borealis, making it possible to enter the state Quiet ergonomics quite easily. Its Clarins Spa offers 20-minute free facial treatments for all guests in the waiting room - this makes resting as long as desired - a detox shop offering juice and healthy snacks.

BANGKOK: Royal Orchid Spa

Located opposite the Royal First Class lounge at Bangkok International Airport, Royal Orchid Spa has been nominated several times for World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa for the past four years. Only Thai Airways passengers who depart as first class or business class have access to this lavish facility. Other facilities include a sauna and a 32-seat living room filled with healthy snacks.

ABU DHABI: Six Senses Spa

The first-class lounge and international business class Abu Dhabi is home to the Six Senses, Bangkok's five-star health care hotel brand. It has been awarded the World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa three times in the past four years. Its large space has a relaxing area, a gym, a prayer room, and even a separate VIP room, where the butlers serve the Hennessy cognac and other rare wines.

CALGARY: OraOxygen Wellness Spa

Whether you leave Calgary or come here for a vacation, you have the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a treatment at one of the two OraOxygen locations. Get ready for the holiday when you arrive at the airport with OraOxygen's signature service along with a facial care menu, nail service and massage to reduce muscle strain and improve circulation at the departure location.

If you have a chance, go to one of these locations. That may be one of your memorable experiences.

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