AI-based beauty assistants are attracting much attention

AI-based beauty assistant is a hot trend in today's beauty industry. Recently, the market has just welcomed 2 new devices in this field.

Cambridge Consultants has launched a new skin analyzer. This is the world's first mobile application invention that provides a measure of skin's ‘shininess’. Along with it, lululab, a subsidiary of C-Lab, Samsung Electronics' internal venture program has developed AI LUMINI skin care assistant.

#1: Reflexion

Reflexion - App concept takes beauty tech to the next level / Ph: Cambridge Consultants

It provides a means of measuring reflected light on the skin to help identify features such as wrinkles, blemishes, and greasy conditions, ultimately providing the ability to provide personalized recommendations for products made pretty. This technology harnesses the beauty trend for increasingly targeted and personalized beauty products, better suited to the individual's specific needs, skin type, and color.

It also follows the trend of beauty technology, with many highly targeted applications, all of which serve to help beauty consumers make choices that are more appropriate for these specific needs. It works by measuring the Bidirectional Scatter Distribution Function (BSDF) of the user's face, determining how different light is reflected or scattered by shiny or translucent surfaces.

The application captures multiple images while illuminating faces from different angles with the screen of a mobile device, then analyzing data from images using AI to create gloss maps, surface roughness and reflectivity for the whole face.

“Reflexion is a breakthrough in the beauty tech market, delivering rich insights on our dermatological make-up. Using the standard camera function on our phones or tablets, Reflexion takes existing hardware components and applies AI to help visualize the secrets of our skin,” said Robin Ferraby, consumer commercial manager at Cambridge Consultants.

#2: Lumini

LUMINI will be shown at IECSC New York. This is a beauty device that scans and analyzes a person's face in less than 10 seconds and uses the analysis results to introduce beauty products that best match the condition of the user's skin.

Lululab will create a foothold for expanding its solution in the global market / Ph: KITAS

Lululab will also introduce K-beauty curator service based on its AI. Through a partnership with well-known K-beauty brands, the company will showcase K-beauty products that meet the specific needs of users based on analyzed skin data. With this solution and service, Lululab will create a foothold for expanding its solution in the global beauty market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Skincare Assistant - LUMINI (Lululab) / Ph: lulu-lab

Yongjoon Choe, CEO of lululab said: "If you had to rely on the personal capabilities and experience of skin care professionals in the past, LUMINI can now help people to get the personalized services based on objective dat. By collecting big data on skin types related to ethnic origin and environment, we aim to transform LUMINI into an AI solution that recommends not only skin care products but customized lifestyles and foods for all kinds of users."

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