Ageing positively, healthily and happily with a garden

June 06, 2020

Spending free time in a garden helps you feel peaceful and happy while enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. Keep reading to know more about therapeutic gardening for seniors.

Become ageing, our seniors may no longer keep our hobbies as while we are the 40s, 50s. Many find gardening as their hobby and want to spend their time here. You can make such activity more attractive with these gardening tips for seniors.

When you become ageing, of course, some activities can be more difficult for you. However, let’s make things easier with some adaptive gardening for seniors. Gardening is safe and it can be a senior-friendly physical activity.


Plant in a senior-friendly way


Many seniors do the garden job for the first time when they are in retirement. Therefore, things can be a bit difficult for them to get started or to learn to take care of these plants. You can make one of the horticultural therapy activities for easier with some plants that do not require much care, for instance, some plants that are resistant to weeds or do not need too much pruning. Plants that can withstand little neglect should be considered, too.


Gardening is a hobby of many seniors / ph: pexels@Edu Carvalho


Seniors are not professional in the gardening field and as it is just a senior hobby, you should make things for fun, joy, and happiness instead of paying too much effort on it.


Buy plants that grow up already


The therapeutic gardening for seniors will become a nightmare if it involves you to kneel and bend. Gardening activities aim to bring a happy and peaceful time to you, don’t bring it into an unpleasant activity. You should buy plants that already grow up instead of plants that are too small.


Equipment is necessary


For easy gardening activities for seniors, remember to buy ergonomic pruners and hand tools as well as comfortable gloves. With the right equipment, you can prevent an issue of hand pain when you do the gardening works.


Prevent heat-related problems


One of the safe gardening tips for seniors to beat the heat is to choose the right time to do the work. Seniors should do things in the morning and with sufficient equipment such as a shady hat, lightweight clothes, sunscreen,…
Gardening job is attractive to seniors. However, as it involves physical activities, these gardening tips for seniors are needed to help you do the work safely and happily.

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