Adidas launches New Megastore in NYC

It's the brand's largest store in the World


The Adidas's NYC flagship located at 565 Fifth Ave. on the corner of 46th Street that takes up more than 45,000 square feet of real estate throughout its four floors, with levels dedicated to men’s footwear and apparel, a Launch Zone, women’s footwear and apparel, and a level for Adidas Originals and young athletes.

The store is special for Adidas for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s the athletic giant’s largest store in the world. It also introduces a stadium retail concept, which is inspired by high school stadiums and designed with the culture of sport in mind. To execute the concept, Adidas welcomes customers through a tunnel entrance. There are stands to resemble live-game viewing, and the store features locker rooms rather than dressing rooms. But to really nail the theme, the brand built a track and a turf section for customers to wear-test product. Aside from the theme of the door, Adidas ensured consumer engagement and satisfaction was at a high by installing a guest kiosk on the ground floor with healthy juices and fitness consultants, a print shop for real-time jersey customization, a miadidas Studio for footwear and apparel customization, same-day hotel delivery service and more.

This launching is a reflection of the brand's growth and focus on customer engagement and a true New York experience as well as its aim to take over NYC.


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