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A Quick Beauty Icons Journey Around The World

April 20, 2019

#1: France

France has been known as the fashion capital with a lot of famous beauty brands.

It is also famous for perfumes and classic French chic beauty. For example, Chanel perfume has always been the top luxurious perfume.

Ph: Pinterest

Besides, France is said to produce the best wine in the world.

Additionally, France is also the home of a lot of beautiful lavender fields that will steal your heart at first sight.

#2: Switzerland

Switzerland is believed to be the best watch producer in the world.

Ph: Pinterest

It also produces the best thermal spring waters and chocolates.

#3: Japan

The next beauty destination is Japan which is most famous for Sakura (cherry blossoms). Sakura is also the secret ingredient in Japanese beauty products.

Cherry blossoms in Sakura Japan / Ph: Pinterest

The other distinctive features that make Japan popular worldwide are Animation, Cosplay, and Electronics.

About the food and drink, Sushi and sake are the iconic food and drink of Japan.

#4: South Korea

In the recent years, the Hallyu Wave has been spread to all over the world. One of the most famous idols of the Hallyu Wave is BTS.

South Korea is also famous for its beauty trend and products. You may see a lot of videos talking about K-beauty, how to skincare/makeup/… like Korean.

Ph: Etude House

And about the food, the top favorite South Korean food and drink are Kimchi and Soju.

#5: The USA

The USA has been recognized as the most developed country in the world with icon of development is Silicon Valley.

It is also well-known for its Hollywood movies and Disneyland.

Elizabeth Taylor – An icon Of Hollywood / Ph: Pinterest

The symbol of the USA is the Statue of Liberty – a present to the US from the French.

And its iconic food is hamburger.

Now you have known about the top beauty destinations and what they are famous for. Do you want another tour? Leave a comment and we will introduce to you the other beauty destinations.

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