An event for beauty and fashion brands are hosted by Instagram

On January 24, Instagram hosted fashion and beauty brands events in Paris. The event brought together more than 300 participants who specialize in beauty and fashion.

Instagram organized event for beauty and fashion brands in Paris

At the end of last January, Instagram organized an event exclusively for beauty and fashion brands. The event took place in Paris with the participation of more than 300 participants from these fields.Instagram organizes an event exclusively for fashion and beauty brands with host by Eva Chen / Ph: instagram @ Eva Chen

The host of the event was Eva Chen, one of Instagram's most influential people with more than 1 million followers. Eva Chen gave a lot of advice and everyone listened for more than 3 hours of the event.

Brands want to improve their sales strategies on Instagram, so the event is organized to meet everyone's needs. Besides, Instagram also introduced how to access this social networking site to help brands make the most of the benefits for their business.

Instagram invites Eva Chen to host the event with the aim of helping people answer all the questions of brands related to this social networking site. Eva Chen is a fashion expert, she knows how to fully explain everyone's questions in this area..

This is the first big event in Paris organized with the participation of more than 300 different brands: Patine, Make My Lemonade, Dior and Louis Vuitton.etc.

The main focus of many people is how to display their products on Instagram. Eva Chen advised people to use more specific hashtags, Instagram’s video tool, exclusive content to do this.

In March 2018 Instagram Shopping, a shopping app launched in France. With this tool, customers can easily discover more information of products before deciding to purchase. Tools like this will be improved regularly to create the best experience for customers.

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