A Bright Spot for Private Islands Cruise Destination

South Pacific Island Lelepa of Vanuatu  - A bright spot for private islands cruise destinations.

A bright spot for private island cruise destinations

Perfect Day Island Collection - a global lineup of Royal Caribbean private destinations / Ph: Pexels

Nowadays, the private island destination surrounded by nature is an ideal retreat in modern life. The Vanuatu Islands are among the most attractive destinations in the South Pacific. Guests will be fascinated by the beauty of the sea and pristine mountains.

Vanuatu - One of the natural gems of the South Pacific

South Pacific Island Lelepa of Vanuatu is the newest island in ‘Perfect Day’ collection, and will be the new home of Royal Caribbean's newest private island destination which will be the first carbon-neutral tourism destination in the world.

Perfect Day at Lelepa will be built with sustainable features designed to protect the island's ecosystems. 

Vanuatu planned to showcase the distinct natural ecological beauty and diverse culture of the island nation. The beautiful islet will continue to provide an ideal relaxing place in the South Pacific for travelers with the right balance of luxury and nature with island ecosystems.

Vanuatu is ideal for adventure and relaxation vacation

Those who have encountered Lelepa's great natural beauty can understand why it is the perfect setting for Perfect Day. Tourists traveling to the South Pacific are looking for real and truly relaxing adventures, and they will find both here. The islands offer marine adventures like scuba diving and wreck discovery.

Royal Caribbean’s ‘Perfect Day at Lelepa’ is the Southern Hemisphere’s first private island destination cruising experience - "a new private island that’s unlike anywhere in the world", "An island paradise in Vanuatu where you can explore natural wonders, and choose exactly how much you want to do, or not do" - Does it sound interesting to you?

Let's waiting for experiencing this first carbon-neutral cruise destination in the world with "ancient culture immersion at Perfect Day at Lelepa, coming in 2022".

A Bright Spot for Private Islands Cruise Destination

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