A box of Kreuther’s chocolates is a special gift for this Christmas

Kreuther's Patrón Alquimia chocolate limited edition Collection is one of most expensive chocolate in the world

Patrón Alquimia chocolate limited edition Collection priced at $1000 each for 24 pieces is one of most expensive chocolate in the world. However, twenty percent of proceeds go toward City Harvest’s mission to feed New Yorkers suffering from hunger.

The collection includes the folowing chocolates:

The artful combination and magical process of transforming seemingly opposite ingredients into an alluring distillation of pure perfection.

The chocolates are crafted from rare, exquisitely sourced ingredients and infused with elements extending from the savory kitchen to the highest perfection of distilled spirits. The collection was selected Gran Patrón and Patrón Limited Edition Tequila for the rich and complex flavor profiles of its finest, oldest and rarest tequilas, including:

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