8 good foods for Gut Cleanse diet

8 good foods for Gut Cleanse diet to help clean the intestines and detoxify, every family should include in the menu.

Dirty or toxic intestines can cause many dangerous diseases, even cancer.  These 8 popular foods have an effective Gut Cleanse and detoxifying effect.

A healthy gut will be an important factor in keeping your health stable.  Today, due to changing habits and lifestyles, people are susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases, unsanitary food is a big burden on the intestinal tract.

 According to research, in addition to drinking enough water during the day, you should choose some foods that are good for the gut, which is one of the basic Gut Cleanse and detoxifying ways, having a great impact on the digestive system.  The following 8 Gut Cleanse foods are great suggestions.

1. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Brown rice, whole grain rice

8 good foods for gut cleanse diet

Brown rice, one of good Gut Cleanse foods / ph: google

Brown rice is rich in protein, fiber (twice as much as normal white rice), minerals, iron and vitamins B1, B2, and B3.  Eating the right amount of brown rice can improve the immune system, clean the blood vessels, promote blood circulation and metabolism, help digestion and clean the stomach.

 Studies have shown that long-term consumption of brown rice, one of good Gut Cleanse foods in general helps to flush toxins out of the body.  In addition, this food can also balance blood sugar, prevent high uric acid, prevent constipation and colon cancer.

2. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Papaya

 Because it contains many enzymes that help break down proteins, papaya or pumpkin can help break down the structure of fat, reducing the workload of the digestive system.

 The pectin component in papaya, one of good Gut Cleanse foods also has an obvious function for the stomach.  It is important to note that papaya should only be eaten in between meals, i.e. 1-2 hours after a main meal.  Because if you eat rice, you will immediately eat papaya, which will cause a burden on your intestines, causing your stomach to work too hard.

3. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Yogurt

 Yogurt, one of good Gut Cleanse foods is not only rich in calcium, but also regulates the balance of bacteria in the stomach, cleanses the digestive tract, stimulates peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, prevents constipation, reduces digestive diseases.

 But it should be noted that yogurt or yogurt-like products, if prepared or eaten diluted, will not have as much effect as plain yogurt.

4. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Spinach

 Spinach is a famous food that has heat-detoxifying effects for the body, especially good for the stomach, preventing constipation, and clearing the intestines.  Spinach leaves contain insulin that can stabilize blood sugar.

 Spinach, one of good Gut Cleanse foods is rich in vitamins, can prevent diseases caused by lack of vitamins such as cold sores, night blindness ...

 Spinach also contains a large amount of antioxidants, anti-aging, promoting a great role in cell proliferation, activating brain function, enhancing vitality, preventing brain aging.

5. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Black fungus

 8 good foods for gut cleanse diet

Black fungus, one of good Gut Cleanse foods / ph: google

According to Oriental medicine, black fungus has the effect of tonic blood circulation, blood cooling, increasing humidity, and plays a big role in cooling and detoxifying blood vessels and blood vessels.

 The mucus in the black fungus, one of good Gut Cleanse foods has strong adhesion, which can "expel" toxins in the digestive system from the body as it moves from the mouth to the large intestine.  So it is considered a special food that cleans the intestines, eliminates toxins.

 In addition, the black fungus also plays a role in breaking the texture of indigestible solids in the intestinal tract such as hard food residues from plants, sand, metals ... thereby, reducing the phenomenon of gravel formation in the bile and in the kidneys.

6. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Seaweed, kelp

 Research of Oriental medicine shows that seaweed is alkaline food, rich in iodine, can promote the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood.  Kelp, one of good Gut Cleanse foods contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which removes cholesterol build up in blood vessel walls, thereby maintaining normal cholesterol levels.

 In seaweed (one of good Gut Cleanse foods) also contains high humidity with the main ingredient is binder.  This substance travels in the intestine to help remove harmful substances and prevent the body from absorbing lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, eliminating radioactive elements from the body, and helping to treat atherosclerosis vessels, prevents constipation and colon cancer.

7. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Apples

 There is a famous saying in the world, eating an apple a day, for a lifetime not worrying about finding a doctor which emphasizes the role of apples for health.

 One of the outstanding effects of apples is to promote intestinal detoxification.  The substances in the gut including galacturonic acid, pectin, will minimize toxins to the lowest level.  Besides, the soluble fiber in apples has the effect of increasing the discharge capacity of the stool effectively, ensuring the normal operation of the intestinal rings.

 Not only that, apples, one of good Gut Cleanse foods contain many active antioxidants, can slow down the aging of the intestinal tract.

8. Foods for Gut Cleanse diet: Peanuts 

 Research shows that peanuts have a very good effect on the intestines.  This is because eating peanuts will have the effect of relaxing, nourishing the stomach and waking up the spleen, clearing the intestines and moistening the intestines.

 Moreover, peanuts, good Gut Cleanse foods also contain phytic acids, unique plant sterols and other special materials, which increase the toughness of the intestinal tract, thereby helping the digestive system improve its resistance to interference.  Bad greeting cards from external elements.

 Research shows that, if we eat 5-6 boiled peanuts a day, it has a strong effect on the intestines.  When boiled, nutrients in peanuts are not lost, safe and easy to absorb, a great snack for office workers.

8 good foods for Gut Cleanse diet

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