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7 top trends in personal care

April 10, 2020

Do you want to know top trends of personal care this year? Read on this article to discover and then follow up them.


Foods for the skin is one of top trends in personal care / Ph: Pexels@Daria Shevtsova


7 top trends in personal care


1. Crave The Knowledge About What Ingredients Are


Craft and DIY beauty is becoming strong because more consumers look for safer, cleaner personal care products. They also want to know about where ingredients come from. Therefore, more shoppers start bulking bins for natural ingredients that care skin, hair and nails. More people want to get involved in the process of producing beauty products. They want more control over their beauty products’ ingredients.


2. Forage Domestic Woodlands For Ingredients


Another one on the list of top trends of personal care is hyperlocal and foraging for ingredients. Companies are foraging domestic woodlands for natural ingredients to use in body washes, soap as well as other personal care products.


3. Waste-not Beauty


Today, repurposed plants are occurring in everything from simple products like soap to face cream. What ancient cultures did with discarded ingredients is transforming into the innovation of green chemistry. Some skin care brands we have seen making most of the waste; for example, Further Products, which produces soap from glycerin left behind depleted restaurant waste and the Grapeseed Company, which makes use of upcycled wine ingredients in body and bath products.

Moreover, expect to see more in waste-free packaging in the beauty industry. Innovative papers processed eco-efficiently coming from plant waste; for example, cellulose and coffee chaff from the rice industry, coca husk from chocolate are some of the potential solutions to plastic packaging.


4. Essential Oils Keep Going


With strong ties to beauty, health and the homemade beauty movement, using essential oils will keep growing. Now, it becomes more experimental with deliveries and blends. These essential oils are not only booming in consumption, but more retailers are also finding success with these products due to the consumer trend toward foods that are based on plant and artisan beauty products.


5. Male Grooming


Male grooming still keeps growing, from hair gels and face creams to luxury hair removal. According to a study, between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016, the hair-care product number aimed at male increased by 200%. In terms of skin care, night creams and anti-agers have increased, which shows that men’s growing concerns about keeping an appearance youthful. And in terms of body products, men are turning to multi-benefit products which work as a body wash and a shampoo.


6. Foods For The Skin


Nowadays, purchasers, especially female purchasers, seem to know the effects of diet on the skin health. They are looking for products which can boast benefits normally linked with nutrition. Although this trend is most found in Asia, purchasers in the European countries are now also starting to concern the role of diet on skin health and appearance.


7. Natural And Organic


When it comes to cosmetics, consumers are seeking for products that are organic and natural and they are safe and gentle for the skin.

·   42% for natural ingredients

·   62% dermatologically tested

·   32% certified organic

·   51% for sensitive skin

Top trends in personal care mainly focus on keep beauty, maintain healthy and increase attractiveness of appearance.  


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