7 personal growth values

Table of Contents
  •  I- 7 personal growth values
  • 1. Personal growth value 1: Fact
  • 2. Personal growth value 2: Love
  • 3. Personal growth value 3: Strength
  • 4. Personal growth value 4: Merge
  • 5. Personal growth value 5: Power
  • 6. Personal growth value 6: Courage
  • 7. Personal growth value 7: Intelligent
  • II- The Biggest Mistake Of Learning To Be Human: The Value Deviation
  •  III- How to be smarter?

In today's world, when people teach monkeys to calculate, teach pigeons to play ping-pong and teach computers to play chess, it's difficult to distinguish humans from the rest of the animals.  What makes you different from your furry friend in a stable?

 If you study in the conservatory, you will easily confidently tell that humans are different from animals in that they can make music.  Birds can sing, but their tones are limited according to family history and habits.  Birds cannot make "chip chips" from C to B.  Don't be fooled by the Rio movie, birds can't sing and dance.  People are different.  Regardless of the region of the world, regardless of time in history, people were able to create music with their own instruments.
 Physiologically, the genes map for humans and chimpanzees are 96% similar.  Only the remaining 4% makes a difference, making humans the king of the animal kingdom.

 Animals also have thoughts.  But that thought has never reached the thinking level.  I think I exist.  Thinking is living consciously instead of instinctively.

 You must have heard about the difference between humans and children.  It is a more arduous journey from being a human being from a child than the Tang Sangha to Tibet for 17 years of travel to meet 81 lives.  It spanned a life of more than a hundred thousand challenges.  Having lived, then once wondered: What is this journey to become a true person?  How to become human?

 What is your problem with your journey to multiplication.  But you can grow up more quickly and completely if you know what you need to develop.  Problems arise, there are too many values ​​that people have thought of.  Confident, honest, brave, delicate, romantic, hot-tempered, positive, cunning, hilarious, prejudiced, cute, dangerous, sweet, outgoing, introverted ... You should absorb what value to yourself?

7 personal growth values

Personal growth value 5: Power / ph: pexels

Here is the answer: From East to West, from stone to electronics, from wet rice civilization to modern civilization, personal growth is never outside of the following 7 values.

 I- 7 personal growth values

1. Personal growth value 1: Fact

Accepting reality and freeing your life from lies and denial

2. Personal growth value 2: Love

Increases your ability to connect with yourself and others

3. Personal growth value 3: Strength

Builds the drive and discipline to create the life you've always wanted

4. Personal growth value 4: Merge

Stop fighting against life and make the world your ally

5. Personal growth value 5: Power

Take control of your life and learn to make good decisions

6. Personal growth value 6: Courage

Summons your inner strength to act in spite of your fear

7. Personal growth value 7: Intelligent

Live authentically and show your unique creativity

 The three main principles are truth, love and strength.  Four additional principles are born of unity, power, courage and intelligence.  Consolidation is truth plus love.  Power is truth plus power.  Courage is love plus power.  And intelligence is the sum of truth, love and strength.  Is this concept unfamiliar to you?

No! Scientifically proven for many years through IQ, EQ and AQ.  IQ measures intelligence based on your ability to absorb and uncover facts.  EQ measures your emotions by the level of connection with your things.  AQ measures your strength to overcome difficulties in life as a measure.  The perfect intelligence is a combination of IQ, EQ and AQ.
 Developing yourself in accordance with those 7 personal growth values, you are not only quick-witted but also sensitive and strong to overcome all difficult challenges in life.

II- The Biggest Mistake Of Learning To Be Human: The Value Deviation

 Truth is the first principle of the scientist.  Love is the general principle of all beliefs.  And strength is the immutable principle of corporations and governments.  Unfortunately, you are often skewed.

 As a child you are taught the truth while losing strength in the hands of an adult.  Anyway, you are still a kid.  You are a little old!

 At the age of love, you value love above truth and strength.  Heart on the wrong place on the head.

 In your career, you are understood to have the power of your career and finance.  Fighting against each other has become a common exercise in the workplace.

 These are big mistakes.  You cannot be truly successful and happy when you have to sacrifice your true values.  Learning without power and love makes you a lifeless machine and is subject to the use of others.  Love has no truth and the power becomes blind and depressing.  Business without love and the truth becomes a blatantly deceptive company, a spirit of fearlessness and fearlessness.
 What happens when you put your strength and love into learning?  You are not deceived by countless damp and conflicting theories, you learn because you want to discover things that are useful for yourself.  You apply what you have learned to create real-world results.  You love to know and to act.

 What happens when you bring truth and strength into your relationships?  Losing love does not make you weak.  The people you take advantage of and deceive cannot get anything from you.  You become strong, independent and discerning.

 What happens when you bring the truth and love into your career?  You only do jobs that match your conscience and interests.  Passion blows in the heart.  You become successful, talented and talented.

 III- How to be smarter?

 As mentioned above, there are 2 differences between humans and chimpanzees.  The first is Genes, which is the default for each species and cannot be changed.  The second thing is thinking, you have full control to use your brain to get smarter.  An intelligent person will develop based on the values ​​of love, truth and strength.  The more you follow the right path, the smarter you become.

 Best of all, these values ​​do not change over time and do not differ from person to person.  You can be a student or business owner, male or female, old or young and these rules don't change either.  You also do not need different personal growth rules when you want to develop physically, mentally, relationships, time, career, finance, soul.  Finally, after years of blind reading and hearing about personal growth material tinnitus, you have found a common consensus.

 Human nature is a conscious being.  This is what we will do.  Develop consciously instead of relying entirely on instinct.  During the rest of the time, besides learning and sharing interesting knowledge and techniques about personal growth, you and I also become familiar with the concepts of personal growth.

7 personal growth values

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