6 Typical signs of stage 2 depression

Stage 2 depression is moderate depression that develops after stage 1. The patient's symptoms become more pronounced and severe.  They will have at least 2-3 symptoms of stage 1 depression and develop another 3-4 symptoms.  Here are 6 typical signs of stage 2 depression.

6 Typical signs of stage 2 depression

People with stage 2 depression do not feel happy / ph: pexels

1. Deep mood

Symptoms of stage 2 depression are those that are emotionally negative signs that have been around since the beginning.  The patient's face always has a melancholy tone, always feels sad, depressed, sometimes worried and irritable.  But these are also the most easily confused signs, because an ordinary person can also experience these emotions.  Therefore, symptoms must persist for a long enough time to show a pronounced illness (at least 2 weeks).

2. No longer interested in things around

 In people with stage 2 depression, their daily routines change a lot.  In particular, they always feel not interested in the things that they used to love.  Most people with depression show signs of anorexia or guzzle.  Therefore, there are many cases of patients having to treat for problems of obesity and blood sugar in parallel with the treatment of depression.

 In addition, in many other cases they reduced their need for sex altogether.  They do not want to go out to work or play, but prefer to be alone at home.  Depressed people are isolate themselves and shy away from communicating with others.

3. Insomnia

 Frequent insomnia is the most obvious sign of stage 2 depression. The prolongation of negative emotions and physical fatigue makes it harder for the person to fall asleep.  In addition, neurosuppressive hormones can cause persistent headaches.

4. Don't feel happy

 After stage 1, the patient's body has been affected by many sleepless nights, long consecutive days of sadness, and inadequate meals that make their bodies truly stagnant.

 This prolonged condition causes the brain to stop producing the serotonin hormone (a hormone that makes people happy).  And until one day, the sick person will no longer remember what it felt like to be happy and not be able to remember when they last felt happy.

5. Loss of faith in life

 By this stage, many people will feel a complete loss of faith in life.  If you have been through a long series of unemployment or the grief of losing a loved one this is inevitable.  They will begin to tend to use alcohol or tranquilizers - things that have never been used before to help alleviate their feelings of despair.

 The constant and most influential obsession for people with depression is the feeling of always feeling inadequate, admitting all the mistakes in themselves.  Patients will initially have only a few minor negative actions as a way to punish themselves, but it is more dangerous when they begin to become obsessed with suicidal intentions to free themselves.

6. Reduced work efficiency

 In fact, some people with stage 2 depression may also experience many other physical symptoms such as: generalized aches, headaches, cramps, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating or digest system problems. These effects all cause the body to lose energy.  These are the real difficulties for them when having to work or perform normal daily activities.

 If you have experienced the aforementioned symptoms, try to be calm and honest with your doctor about everything you are experiencing, as detailed as possible.  This will benefit your treatment.

6 Typical signs of stage 2 depression

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