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6 locations GUCCI use to promote the brand in 2019

February 03, 2019

Especially, Gucci is the best-selling Italian brand globally. Gucci has launched 6 locations to promote its brand to become more and more popular.

Gucci always has many effective marketing campaigns. One of them, Gucci uses 6 locations around the world to promote brands including Daelim Museum (Seoul, South Korea), Boboli Garden (Florence, Italy), Gucci Garden (Florence, Italy), Dapper Dan Atelier Studio (New York, USA), Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA) and Antica Libreria Cascianelli (Rome, Italy). They are a good idea for tourists.

Daelim Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

Ph: Gucci 

In the first GUCCI ‘s place, Daelim Museum that was set up in 1996. This place is considered as an oasis of culture and art of Hannam-dong precinct, Jongno district, South Korea.

In fact, the reason why GUCCI chooses Daelim Museum is that of Coco Capitan, who is known as a painting artist and longtime collaborator with GUCCI, had his exhibition here.

Boboli Garden (Florence, Italy)

Ph: Gucci 

The Boboli Garden has been one of the first and most familiar orthodox Italian gardens since the 16th century. It is a perfect combination of gravel roads, a large building was built of stone, magnificent statues and fountains.

The famous garden is like a sprawling green space that is basically the backyard of the Palazzo Pitti and it is one of the first things to appear on any Google search about things to see in Florence, Italy. Thus, its no surprise that the Boboli Garden one of  Gucci’s places.

Gucci Garden (Florence, Italy)

Ph: Gucci 

Gucci Garden was established in January 2018. It can hardly be denied that this is a place not to be missed when anyone visits Italy.

This area has been designed to include a souvenir shop, a cinema auditorium, and a special restaurant. Thus, in here, we can buy some unique  Gucci fashion items and household items or enjoy food at the restaurant where we can meet the three-Michelin-star chef.

Dapper Dan Harlem Atelier Studio (New York, USA)

It is said that this place was a wonderland / Ph: Gucci 

Thanks to the cooperation of  Gucci and Dapper Dan who is an African-American fashion designer, Dapper Dan Atelier Studio has become a perfect GUCCI’s place. Owing to using leather couches, velvet curtains, Gucci wallpaper, etc. This place seems to be a paradise in real life.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA)

Ph: Gucci 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a cemetery located at 6000 Santa Monica Avenue, Hollywood, California. This area was built in 1899 in the area of 0.4 km² . This is also the burial place of many American cinema celebrities. There are many Gucci collections was inspired by this place such as The ‘Hollywood Forever’ sunglasses collection.

Antica Libreria Cascianelli (Rome, Italy)

Ph: Gucci 

The same as Boboli Garden and Gucci Garden, the Antica Libreria Cascianelli is a Gucci place in Italy. This is the best choice for travelers who love reading. This is almost no change from the 19th century.

6 different Gucci’s places – 6 different beauty, will you go there?

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