5G will boost new revenue for retailers

Gartner predicts that AR/VR applications for 5G will boost new revenue for retailers. The AR and VR technology companies can be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

The deployment of a high-speed 5G mobile service is set to boost the growth of real-world purchases by up to 100 million consumers next year, Gartner estimates. Retailers will add AR technology, covering digital images from a person's perspective on the real world, into their stores and e-commerce channels to provide more great experiences for buyers.

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100 million people are expected to shop at AR next year

Nearly half (46%) of retailers plan to deploy AR or VR technology, providing a completely immersed view of a computer-generated world next year, according to Gartner reports. Technologies can help shoppers virtually test products through advanced simulation and visualization.

AR/VR applications for 5G will boost new revenue for retailers, Gartner predicts. 5G allows real-time display for immersive video, shorter downloads, and reduced latency, as well as allowing brands to expand their shopping experience beyond traditional stores and websites.

The AR and VR technologies can be one of the biggest beneficiaries in the upcoming deployment of 5G, which large mobile carriers like Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile are gradually working to launch across the United States in the next few years. Higher speeds promise to allow smartphones, interactive screens, and AR / VR headsets to quickly display computer-generated images for shoppers, whether they're at home, in-store or moving.

"We'll see increased use of the technology in the home furnishings and home improvement sectors, and neat proof of concepts continue for cosmetics and clothing, but I am very dubious that we'll see 100 million users in the next 24 months," said Jon Reily, VP and global commerce strategy lead at Publicis Sapient.

According to a separate survey by BRP Consulting, shoppers seem ready to try the new AR / VR technology and test without collecting money to improve their in-store experience, but retailers are delaying in the supply to them.

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