5 ways to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength

Everyone has hidden spiritual strength.  Among them, people like Indigo are born with highly developed spiritual power.  However, the rest of us have to take time and effort to unlock that spiritual strength.

Doing this can be a lengthy process, but the rewards are well worth it.

 Luckily for you, many people have gone down this path before.  If you want to know how to unlock your spiritual strength.  Here is the process.

1. Unlock your spiritual strength by Meditation

 Meditation is very important for a healthy lifestyle and is conducive to spiritual strength.

 It allows you to remove yourself from the mundane concerns of everyday life and connect with your spiritual ego and the energy that surrounds you.

 What we call spiritual strength are just the techniques we use to read and manipulate the energy that surrounds us.

 Meditation builds familiarity with the energies you need to develop your spiritual strength.

2. Unlock your spiritual strength by Following your intuition

How To Unlock Your Spiritual Strength?

Unlock your spiritual strength by Following your intuition / ph: pexels

Many people are prone to giving up, depressed, which is one of the biggest pitfalls to psychology in the beginning.

 We know this because overthinking blocks your intuition - and your intuition is the most powerful link to your psychic potential.

 You can develop your intuition by allowing yourself to make less important decisions in your life without thinking.

 Just walk with your instincts, your intuition will improve over time.

3. Unlock your spiritual strength by Building a spiritual relationship with the universe

Spiritual strength requires you to have a relationship with your mental ego and the energy of the universe.

 To do this, you have to stick with that relationship the same way you would do with any human relationships.

 Ask yourself tough questions and allow intuition to take control and meditation will find the answers.

 Here's another reason to meditate every day, as it provides a basis for building your relationship with your mental ego and the universe.

4. Unlock your spiritual strength by Empathy

At some point, you will need to begin to actively train specific psychic abilities to develop your general psychic abilities.

 The best lesson to start for most people is empathy.

 Empathy is a way of reading the energy of objects.

 You can practice the abilities at home quite easily by trying to feel objects belong to someone.  You do this by holding them in the palm of your hand and feel the energy and events that have happened to the object.

 Your friend can tell you exactly how you guessed.

5.  Unlock your spiritual strength by Practice reading energy

Other practices that can enhance your psychic powers include prophecy and telepathy.

 Try ending each day with three prophetic predictions for the next.

 Doing this right after meditation is ideal, to get started, but try to get it back after a while so that you can practice and get out of the meditative state.

 You can also test your psychic skills on your friends!

 Draw pictures of them in their heads and try to feel them in their aura.

 Seeing their aura will be challenging to begin with.  But it becomes easier once your psychic powers are unlocked.

5 ways to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength

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