5 Essential skills of global leadership people

Globalization is going strong, removing barriers between countries and turning the world into a single market.  Businesses, large and small, have the opportunity to become a competitor in international markets.  At that time, business leaders must have certain skills to run a company with a scope of operations beyond their own national borders, enough to compete with other companies globally.  There are many skills that effective global leadership people should have, but these can be summarized into the following.

1. The global leadership people should have cultural sensitiveness

The first and perhaps most important quality of a global leader is cultural sensitivity and the ability to step out of one's own culture to adapt to that of others.  Global leaders are not afraid to take the time to learn what to and should not do in other people's cultures and respect those things.  

Essential skills of global leadership people

The global leadership people should have culturally sensitive / ph: pexels

Cultural sensitivity plays a very important role in leading people from different cultures, because stereotyped management and leadership will not create persuasion from subordinates from  different cultures.  To get that sensitivity, the leader must be able to get to know people in different cultures standing at their own level.  Understanding and accepting different cultures will give the leader a great advantage to compete in global markets.

2. The global leadership people should have ability to manage diverse staffs

Currently, most organizations employ many employees of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and social status.  If this diversity is not well managed, internal conflict is likely to arise.  As an effective global leader, it is not only necessary to learn how to work with diverse groups of employees by itself, but also to help such groups of employees work together to achieve  are general goals of the organization.  One of the things is to host diversity training courses, the goal is to create a harmonious work environment by teaching people how to work and behave with background colleagues.  cultural, ethnic, and religious background is different from me.

3. The global leadership people should have adaptability and creativeness

Change is a harsh reality that businesses must always chase and find ways to cope.  An effective global leader must be highly adaptive to the rapid changes of the surrounding world and be creative enough to keep up with changes.  An example of high adaptability is Microsoft's Windows computer operating system.  The operating system is available in 24 different languages, from English, German, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch.  , to Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Turkey ... Imagine what position does this software have in the world if Bill Gates decides to make only one version in English?

4. The global leadership people should have effective and profitable management capabilities

 Profitability and business performance are the two top criteria that a general leader needs to manage well.  Doing business is inevitable towards profit and how to output as much as possible while minimizing input, ie finding ways to maximize efficiency.  This is a growing challenge for all businesses in the world, especially in the current fierce competition context.  The leader must make every effort to make his business profitable and grow instead of losing money and slowly disappear from the market.

5. The global leadership people should have ability to maintain the long-term existence and development of the business

Enterprises are entities that need to be able to exist and develop for a long time.  For that to happen, the great global leadership people must not only build a good organization while he is in office, but also ensure that it continues to exist and thrive when he leave out of position.  For this purpose, good global leadership people must be those who develop a pool of successors.  They are not afraid to cede positions to people who are young but have real talent.  They do this through regular training, leading their subordinates and helping them "shine".

5 Essential skills of global leadership people

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