5 different forms of spiritual ascension - Which form have you experienced?

For the first time in history, we have access to a dimension with a vast amount of knowledge that you can never imagine.

 While this freedom of learning offers countless opportunities for personal growth, it can also be overwhelming!  There are lots of thoughts, opinions, debates and discussions out there.

I. Who should we listen to?

 Spiritual ascension or spiritual self awakening is one of the many major external themes - which can quickly make people feel confused.  Everyone seems to have very different understandings of the meaning of "spiritual ascension / spiritual strength growth".  Too much information sometimes does not help you much, and even disorientes you for a period of time.  Personally, I believe that almost all definitions of "spiritual strength growth" are correct because it is essentially a conceptual form that comes from experience with an extremely sophisticated multilayer - something cannot be easily wrapped up in a single block.

 And because of the "multidimensional" and many layers of this concept in practical terms, so they can help us understand this concept more completely and accurately, and that is why I write this article.

 What I share below is based on my own experiences, understanding and observations of others.  I always welcome any additional comments and corrections on this list.

II. What is spiritual ascension?

 5 different forms of spiritual ascension - Which form have you experienced?

What is spiritual ascension? / ph: pexels

Spiritual ascension is a natural process of evolution involving shedding the old self and experiencing an inner rebirth.  Many people speak of spiritual ascension as an "upgrade / upgrade", "rebooted / strange" or raised in the being elevated in vibrational frequency.  All these terms are a way to refer to inner evolution and open mind, heart, or soul.  As its name suggests, spiritual ascension is about reaching new heights and overcoming "limitations" in old habits, beliefs, thinking and way of life.

 Spiritual ascension, however, is not an experience filled with roses or just overflowing with wonderful things.  It is often accompanied by profound changes and heavy experiences - as a result of the so-called Dark Night of the Soul.

III. 5 Forms of spiritual ascension

Spiritual ascension is mentioned a lot in spiritual circles and when it comes to each person, the definition of it becomes a little different.  However, any explanation can be (or more or less) consistent with the five forms of spiritual ascension listed below:

1. Spiritual ascension: Awakening of the mind

This kind of awakening occurs when you experience a sudden mental realization or realization This insight does not necessarily translate into an integrated experience, but it feels like  as an amazing light of the 'enlightened' perspective (astonishing flash of 'enlightened' perspective) that can help you understand life through spiritual light.

 How to tell if you've actually experienced it: Have you ever experienced a sudden click when a piece of information / a word / or events seem to be unrelated (Synchronicity) -all  the whole suddenly makes sense, the link that takes you to something bigger?  This is called mental awekening.  And often such perceptions stay with us, helping to motivate and inspire profound changes in our lives afterwards.

2. Spiritual ascensionAwakening of a new Personality

When the Mental awakening is consistent and deep enough, over a period of time it can lead to the development of a new personality.  This type of transformation and growth involves cutting off and transforming old patterns of limitation and toxicity and developing qualities such as self-acceptance, empowerment, and  understanding.  While this kind of awakening is not as deep as how it is expressed, once the soul has awakened, it will continue to live on the spiritual self path.

 How to tell if you've really experienced: Think about yourself / personality you used to have three years ago.  Are you still that person?  Or have you made some positive changes to make your life better?  If you think you've changed (in a better way), you may have experienced the Awakening of a new personality.  This kind of awakening is due to the fact that these personality parts were previously suppressed, ignored or evaded - now incorporated to produce wholeness.

3. Spiritual ascensionAwakening of spiritual self energy 

Spiritual ascension can sometimes refer to the awakening of the spiritual self energy in the body and the energy field.  When living energy (commonly known as qi, prana, or kundalini energy) is awakened, great changes can occur on matter through spiritual levels.  Ancient practices such as Tai chi, yoga, meditation, and tantra, help awaken this kind of energy, but sometimes life force energy awakens spontaneously.  This sudden activation is called Kundalini Awakening, which enters the realms of the soul and produces a total awakening.

 How to know if you have really experienced it: The awakening of spiritual self energy can feel as though all the maximum heaviness has become light.  Common signs of spiritual self energy awakening are often related to a feeling of increasing vitality and energy on a physical level, energy being strong, a tingling sensation, and feeling of electrical impulses throughout the muscles, changes in sexual desire, increases awareness and sense of cosmic connection.  Negative symptoms may also arise (for inactive people) such as mood changes, mania, hypersensitivity, insomnia, seizures, loss of appetite or overeating, changes in state of consciousness ...  and many other symptoms.

4. Spiritual ascensionAwakening of the soul

The awakening can be brief and sudden, it can also be long and very long (drawn out).  Brief awakening of the mind is often referred to in Zen Buddhism as "Satori" - the experience of seeing one's true eternal nature.  This glimpse of realization is usually short and does not last too long (from one to several days).  On the other hand, enduring spiritual self awakening is mentioned as a deeper contact with one's Soul.  This may involve uniting uniting with one's soul purpose, spirit guides, or a higher self.) and from there understanding and beginning to experience oneself are eternal and infinite.

 How do you know if you've actually experienced it: Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt a split between yourself and your world falling apart?  Have you ever moved from an ego point of view to a general one?  Have you experienced any moments when you felt deeply suited to your purpose in life?  These are all signs of an awakened soul.  The development of moral qualities such as compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and unconditional love also goes with spiritual self awakening.

5. Spiritual ascensionComplete Awakening (Enlightenment)

Enlightenment, or Total ego death, is a rare experience in which the 'I / Self' dissolves and all that remains is Oneness with all / Unity With All.  This state is called by many names: Oneness, moksha (Sanskrit: liberation (from samsara)), non-dual awareness, Buddha  results (Buddhahood), enlightenment (illumination) etc.  This state can come spontaneously or through years of spiritual and disciplinary study - but in both cases Total awakening is a gift of grace, it is not  that we may "achieve" in the ordinary sense of this term.  When enlightenment happens, it is the experience of "being nothing at the same time as being all" at the same time;  it is a state that transcends thought and mind, it is a mysterious awakening (Mystical Awakening).  The ego is finally seen, understood and overcome, and all that remains is Pure Awareness, Presence, Love and Truth.  

 As we can see, spiritual ascension comes in many different shapes and sizes, with the final form of spiritual ascension being Total Awakening, or Enlightenment.

 Many people have been confused on the spiritual self path, so hope that this article helped provide more clarity and spiritual self awakening.

Author Mateo Sol 

5 different forms of spiritual ascension - Which form have you experienced?

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