5 books about finding yourself

The following 5 books about finding yourself which are drawn from people who do not surrender to fate, and rise from adversity and poverty to master their life will help you find yourself what you need, what you want and what to do in this life.

1. Awaken the Giant Within - by Tony Robbins

5 books about finding yourself

"Awaken the Giant Within" is one of books about finding yourself / ph: Amazon

Most of the things we do have the goal of changing how we feel - but we are rarely or never taught how to do this quickly and effectively.  We constantly use our minds to force ourselves into negative emotional states, and forget about inherent possibilities.  A lot of people let the external conditions govern their emotions - things we could have completely controlled - and then rely on temporary "fire fighting" solutions. "

 Read "Awaken the Giant Within", one of books about finding yourself, readers will discover the reasons why you keep acting in the same way, and the triggers of the emotions you most often encounter.  Next, you'll be given step-by-step guidance to identify which emotions strengthen, which ones suppress mental motivation, and how to use both in the most beneficial way so that the emotions are gone which is an obstacle, but instead will become an effective tool to help you maximize your potential and the "giant" in you will definitely be awakened.

2. Man's Search for Meaning - by Viktor Frankl 

5 books about finding yourself

Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning", one of books about finding yourself / ph: Amazon

Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning", one of books about finding yourself, is one of the classics of the time.  Normally, if a book has only one paragraph, an idea has the power to change a person's life, that alone is enough for us to read it over and over and give it a place on the shelf.   This book has many such passages.

 First of all, this is a book about survival.  Like many Jews living in Germany and Eastern Europe at the time, who thought he would be safe in the 1930s, Frankl spent a lot of time in German concentration and destruction camps.  Nazis.  The miracle is that he survived, the phrase "steel is so hard" can accurately describe this case.  But in the Search for Life, the author does not mention the hardships, pain and losses that he went through, instead he writes about the sources of strength that helped him survive.  He bitterly spoke of prisoners who gave up their lives, lost all hope for the future, and were probably the first to die.  Few people die from a lack of food and medicine, and most of them die from a lack of hope, a lack of a reason for life.  On the contrary, Frankl kept hoping to keep himself alive by thinking about his wife and looking forward to seeing her again.  He also dreamed that after the war he would give a lecture on the psychological lessons he had learned from the Auschwitz concentration camp.  Apparently there were many prisoners who longed for life died, some died of illness, some died from cremation.  In this book, Frankl focuses on explaining why there were people who survived in the Nazi concentration camp rather than giving an explanation to the question why most of them never returned.  

 The greatest task of each person is to find meaning in his or her life.  Frankl has seen three basic sources of human meaning: achievement at work, caring for loved ones and courage in the face of the tough moments of life.  Suffering by itself has no meaning at all, it is our reaction that gives them meaning.  Frankl wrote that a person "can maintain courage, dignity and tolerance, or he can forget the dignity of man and place himself on the par with animals in a harsh struggle to  survival".  He admits that only a handful of Nazi prisoners were able to maintain these qualities, but “just such an example would prove that the inner power of man can carry him.  That transcends your grim fate ".

3. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose - by Eckhart Tolle

5 books about finding yourself

"Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose" is one of books about finding yourself / ph: Amazon 

"Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose", one of books about finding yourself, brings the most comprehensive view of human beings.  The great purpose is born in our realm, but most people are alienated from their being.

 - We humans today worship scientific development, feel that we can do many miracles.  At the time of being extravagant, consider yourself comparable to the creator.  Granting ourselves the right to kill, destroy natural regeneration ... But actually we do not know that we humans are just like cancer the more trying to develop, the more we kill the host (earth), the more goes against nature, knowing that when the host dies, it can't exist either.
 - The book offers a profound warning and an essential way for us to survive and thrive, that is the path of evolution at one level and another dimension is the way to return to being and the great purpose of mankind.
 - For us this can be considered as the spiritual scriptures in the new age (it is consistent with the period we are going through).  Reading the book we should feel and experience, without judging for right / wrong or truth.

Like the Bible, or Buddhism, Taoism ... it is a guide for us to recognize the truth, but it cannot be called the truth (truth cannot be interpreted in language).

 "The finger can point to the position of the moon, but the finger is not the moon"

 - Nang Hn

4.  Life Without Limits - by Nick Vujicic

5 books about finding yourself

"Life Without Limitsis one of books about finding yourself / ph: Amazon 

 Nick was born with congenital Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes a lack of arms and legs.  That means he has little hope to live a normal life.  His mother and dear father saw his son for the first time in shock.  The birth of Nick has made a life of a young family disturbed.  They can hardly accept the painful truth about the little baby;  Not only are they extremely miserable, they are also deeply concerned about their son's future.

Growing up, starting to be aware of his identity is also when Nick just wants to disappear from life.  As he once confided: “Cruel circumstances thought at times engulfed me.  More than anyone, I have wanted to kill myself, and have tried to give up many times.  But in the end, I got up courageously after thousands of falls ... "

 What made Nick get up and go through it all?  It is truly a great miracle - the strong desire to live and the mighty will to overcome fate.

5.  The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - by Eckhart Tolle 

5 books about finding yourself

"The Power of Now" is one of books about finding yourself / ph: Amazon 

"The Power of Now", one of books about finding yourself, is a very brief but profound spiritual book by Eckhart Tolle, the author was voted by The New York Times as one of the best-selling authors.  This is an useful and practical book for those who want to come into contact with the deep, pure and true nature of who they are.

 The book can help you to cultivate a calm, quiet ability in the soul outside, whatever changes are happening.  "The Power of Now" can help you overcome the challenging situations of your personal life and gain access to a quiet and peaceful dimension within.  The book will help you listen to the tranquility of you so you can find answers to the big questions you have been awake of.

"The Power of Now" can help you get rid of all difficulties, misunderstandings, cultivate close relationships in your life, transcend old habits, negative behaviors, and change your mind,  relationship with people and with life.

5 books about finding yourself

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