4 steps to handle conflict in your relationship

How to resolve conflicts in relationships? Simply say sorry? Not enough. Try the 4 steps mentioned in this article.


You can't live a full life without experiencing any conflict in your relationships. And sometimes, the mistake is yours. Of course, you must apologize in advance. However, is it enough to apologize and correct the mistake by just saying "sorry"? The answer is no. Let's try the following 4 steps, maybe it will help you in resolving conflicts in relationship.

Feelings can be used as weapons in relationships to allocate responsibilities / Ph. Pinterest

Stay calm, acknowledge what happens, and take responsibility for your part in it

In any relationship, the responsibility is always divided 50/50 between the two. Problems occur when the separation is not the same and everyone has too little responsibility (ie: victim) or too much (ie: co-dependents).

Develop an honest, open, trusting relationship that begins by making sure you are 100 percent responsible for what you have to do. This way, you can create a clear boundary between what is yours and what is not. This then empowers your partner to do so.

Speak honestly and share what comes to you

Feelings can be used as weapons in relationships to allocate responsibilities, such as: "You made me feel like this." But when we connect with our own emotions, take responsibility for what we feel and honestly convey them to others, we provide a platform to connect. From this vulnerability, we are no longer like fishy, with everything slipping away from us, and instead becoming sticky and able to create links and connections with our partners.

Sympathize by sharing the feelings they must feel

When we say "I'm sorry", it encourages us to approach the situation from our point of view. In order for our words to be heard, we need to prove that we really understand our partner world. For that, we need empathy.

Validate your partner

We are machines that create guilt and shame. We like to make ourselves feel bad about what we do and create doubts about what we feel. That's why it is confirmed for what we feel is important. The fact that we have no choice about what we feel. Something happens and our body, mind, and soul react in a way that is beyond our control. We can choose the positive emotions we want to feel in response to what happened and avoid what we don't like.

All you need to do is telling them that what they have shared makes logical sense to you, and why.

Always fix to improve your relationships.

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