4 immutable success principles

Great success does not only need intelligence and luck, the final winner accumulates many lessons from the following 4 immutable success principles.

 1. Success principles: The compound interrest law - accumulation and persistence

 Suppose a very large sheet of paper is 0.05mm thick, then we double it, then double it again, fold it to the 50th, or 100th fold, what will the initial thickness be?  Many people think that it's just a piece of paper, how thick can it be?

 The answer in the experiment of vlogger Nikola Slavkovic on his Youtube channel will surprise many people.  This person concluded that: If you fold a 0.099mm thick piece of paper 103 times, the thickness of the paper will be greater than the observable universe: 93 billion light years, to be exact.

 This experiment stems from a lecture by Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki once did on ABC Science Online: "With a normal A4 sheet, the first time you fold it in half, it will be 150 mm long and 0.1 mm thick, the second is 75 mm long and 0.2 mm thick, and with its steel-hard construction you can hardly bend it to fold it again".

 This phenomenon is based on an increase in the thickness of a sheet of paper when it folds in half - each time its thickness doubles and requires more energy to fold it.

 So, assuming you find a piece of paper that is large enough and strong enough to fold it continuously, the Gizmodo site states:

 "Fold the paper three times in half, and it will be 10 folds thick and the paper will be the width of a hand.

 23 times you will reach one kilometer.

 30 times will take you out into space.  Your paper block will be 100km high.

 Keep going, 42 times will take you to the Moon.

 Fold it up to 81 times, and your paper will be 127786 light years thick, almost like the Andromeda Galaxy.

 And finally, with 103 folds, you will be in the observable outer universe, estimated to be about 93 billion light-years in diameter. ”

Through it, people realize the power of this invariant law with the nature: A will lead to result B, and B will return to reinforce A, then A + B will continue the cycle.

 Suppose, your life compounding rate is double (x2), on day n you reach the goal of making 100 million, then on day 50 million you?  The answer is day n-1, which is the day before.  Only 1 day, 24 hours difference but worth 50 million.

 If you get bored and give up on day n-2, or even n-1, the results are only odd.  So, success and failure are only one step apart.  In other words, in the vast majority of cases, the key to success is persistence.

 2. Success principles: The Law of Bamboo tree - Resistant to honing, resistant to torment

 4 immutable success principles

Success principles: The Law of Bamboo tree - Resistant to honing, resistant to torment / ph: internet

It takes 4 years for the bamboo to grow 3 cm, but starting in year 5, it grows frantically at a rate of 30cm per day and only takes 6 weeks to reach a height of 15 meters.  In fact, during the first four years, bamboo took hundreds of square feet of roots in the soil.  That is how they find ample reserves, give momentum and thrust into the future leap.

People and things too, need a rich preparation from the beginning.  But who has been able to go through this lengthy preparation process?

 All efforts are the source, the root of the future.  So, don't worry about paying a lot of effort but not getting a good return.  Every gem needs polishing, successful people also have to go through grinding.  Being able to bear the training will be able to take on the responsibility, the new life will be valuable.

 See the splendor of others, don't waste time getting jealous, because that person has paid more than you.

 3. Success principles: Law of Cicadas - can suffer with stillness, can keep the balance

 4 immutable success principles

Success principles: Law of Cicadas - can suffer with stillness, can keep the balance / ph: pinterest

There is a species of cicada that lives in the ground for 13 years, enduring all loneliness and solitude, only sucks the sap from its roots.  Until the end of the larval stage, that night, they go to the ground to molt and mature, can freely fly around with a stronger crust when the day unfolds.

 The above story gives us an immutable law of success principles, where, to learn to accept solitude, hardship without knowing who to show it to anyone, wait until the day of full accumulation to get the final great success, break cocoons into a butterfly, the molting changes completely.

As Jack Ma once said, "Today is difficult, tomorrow will be even harder, but the day after tomorrow will be a great day."

 If you want to build a career success, you have to start step by step, even though people do not understand, do not support, you should persevere, do not give up in the middle.

4. Success principles: The Law of Breaking Window: Be strict with yourself, never pervert

 Stanford University psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, conducted an experiment in 1969. He dropped two damaged, identical, unlocked cars, and had no number plates at affluent resident area in California and low-income neighborhoods in New York.

 After 24 hours back, the car parked in New York broke the glass door and stolen all parts, while the car remained intact for more than a week.  It wasn't until Philip Zimbardo hit the whole car with a sledgehammer, a few people followed.

 This experiment caused a lot of controversy.  Some people believe that, in low-income residential areas, theft and vandalism have become normal, and are viewed indifferently, so these people do not hesitate.  In the rich residential area, although at first no one had bad intentions, when someone started, they were ready to join.

 A similar example can be seen, in a clean locality, people dare not throw things around.  But where everyone arbitrarily disposes of their trash, the vast majority of people throw it without any hesitation.

 The immutable success principles of the "breaking window" wants us to understand that people will try to protect the good, and once the good things go bad, people will try to make them worse. 

If there is once and then there will be second one, if there is a second time and then there will have many more times, gradually they will become habits, negative ways of thinking, making you step further and further from success.

Applying the above 4 immutable success principles to achieve success in life. 

4 immutable success principles

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"Maturity through adversity, glory through a dead end: The more feeling self-pity you can endure, the more great success you will achieve!" Do you know these success principles

"Maturity through adversity, glory through a dead end: The more feeling self-pity you can endure, the more great success you will achieve!" Do you know these success principles

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