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2 unique luxury yachts you should know

March 07, 2019

Today we will tell you about the 2 most luxury yachts in the world. These beautiful ships are built with the latest technology and of course extremely monumental. Lets see what they are.

#1: Tuhura

Tuhura is not like any yacht on the market. Its design helps you remember ancient times. External styling reminiscent of the first canoes; dugouts and other ships used hundreds of years ago by indigenous people all over the world. The thought behind the review of basic primitive forms is to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery.

“Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics,” Salvagni   – the interior designer, commented. “This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.”

Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner / Ph: Oceanco

The body and thrust system of Tuhura has been developed in cooperation with BMT. The pure simplicity of the form of canoes leads to a naturally efficient hull with low overall resistance, good water retention, and excellent maneuverability. Innovation and advanced technology are key elements of this new design.

#2: Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream designed by George Lucian- a luxurious design that will ultimately give passengers an experience unlike anything before. Ships and airships – aptly named Flying Diamonds – inspired by military ships and yachts to provide high-class accommodation not limited by what is available on board. This is thanks to a balloon that will accommodate a few guests to the air for dinner or a cocktail as well as a helipad which makes it easy to access ships from shore.

Ph: George Lucian

Dare to Dream provides ample space for up to 12 guests along with 40 crews. At the same time, it offers luxurious facilities like a jacuzzi, elegant living room, and dining room.

Let update information about other unique luxury yachts on Vuhes.

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