17 day diet: One of most effective weight loss solutions

17 day diet, one of most effective weight loss solutions was established by Dr. Mike Moreno and it has become one of hottest weight loss solutions right now.  This 17 day diet plan is suitable for people of all ages, includes many stages and can easily be adapted to all different weight loss goals, promising to bring many interesting results.

The 17 day diet with the main idea behind this plan is to boost metabolism by creating a metabolic confusion that ultimately results in an increase in basal metabolic rate and increase fat burning ability.

17 day diet: One of most effective weight loss solutions

17 day diet is one of most effective weight loss solutions / ph: pexels

I.  Is the 17 day diet really effective?

A safe weight loss diet determines 80% of the success of your weight loss routine.  It is not exercise or the gym that determines the effectiveness of the weight loss solutions, but it is diet.

 Fast weight loss diet according to research by Dr. Mike Moreno is not just the first 17 days.  17 days is just one stage of the weight loss process, the whole Safe Weight Loss route consists of 4 phases, 68 days in total.

 A scientific weight loss diet in 3 months is a suitable time, helping the body to adapt well to a safe weight loss diet.  Some improper low-carb weight loss solutions can lead to weight loss, but it also comes with weakness due to lack of nutrients.

Scientific weight loss solutions like the 17 day diet method to help a healthy body, lose weight while ensuring health.  The situation of squeezing weight in 1 week, even 3 days by fasting causes great harm to the body.

 Effective weight loss diet is to listen to your body's needs to protect your health.  Diets that lead to blue skin, anemia or lack of nutrients are all unscientific diets.

The 17 day diet set out some principles of food intake in the body scientifically and effectively.  The fast weight loss diet has a few things in common with other diet methods:

1. Limit fried foods, fast foods high in fat into the body

Effective weight loss solutions should be kept away from fatty foods mentioned above.  Although you often love to eat foods like chicken, hamburger or fast food, if you want to diet properly, you need to avoid them completely.

2. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables

 A safe weight loss diet always encourages you to add the necessary amount of vegetables and fruits.  The reason is that fruits and vegetables are inherently a rich source of fiber and vitamins, so a fast weight loss diet with more fruit will be great.

3. The scientific weight loss solutions still needs starch supplements

Although starches and sugars from food can accumulate as excess fat in the body, carbohydrates are indispensable in living activities.  Some people eliminate carbs completely from a safe weight loss diet as a wrong way to lose weight.

 Carbonhydrate supplies nutrients into the bloodstream to feed brain cells, prolonged not eating starch can cause impaired brain capacity, memory loss and ability to focus.

4. Fast weight loss diet should add plenty of water

Water is the source of life for the body, and people on a diet or without a diet drink lots of water are good for health.  A fast weight loss diet can get hydrated from a variety of sources such as water, weight loss tea or fruit juices.

 Diet 1 week weight loss using fruit juice is very good, but should not add sugar to juices.  Too much sugar in the body will lead to unwanted obesity.

II. Who does the 17 day diet apply to?

This safe weight loss diet is applicable to both men and women, young people as well as the elderly.  Proper weight loss diet helps to shrink in shape and improve health, in addition to reducing complications of diabetes, blood fat.

1. Fast weight loss diet for men

 Men are characterized by more mobility, more intensity than women.  The safest male diet for weight loss should be high in protein.  The best protein for weight loss is fish, then lean beef and pork.

 Fast weight loss diet is absolutely away from fatty meats or fish, and only prioritizes eating high-lean fish meats such as salmon, tuna ...

2. Effective weight loss diet for women

 If women want to lose weight, they simply abstain from foods high in oil and starch.  Should add to your diet fast weight loss vitamins rich fruit to beautify skin, hair and nails.

 Safe weight loss diets still eat carbohydrates and fats, but reduce their intake to the maximum.  Limit fried foods and eat salad instead.  Including green vegetables as well as fruit in daily meals is an effective weight loss diet.

III. 4 cycles for the 17 day diet

1. Speed ​​up to lose weight

 The first cycle of the 17 day diet.  Do this cycle from day 1 to day 17. This cycle is very strict in terms of calories consumed.

 In the first half of the 1200 calorie daily diet, the main plan required was a low calorie diet.  Lean meats, low-fat milk, fruits, non-starch vegetables, green tea, and water consumption are recommended to speed weight loss as much as possible.

 During this stage, water weight can be easily lost and basal metabolic rate increases.

2. Active for weight loss

 The second cycle of the 17 day diet (from day 18 to day 34) focuses on changing daily calorie intake from high to low over several days.  This procedure is said to prevent metabolism slowing down and keep weight loss at a healthy level.
 On the second cycle of a day you will have to spend 1500 calories

3. Complete for safe weight loss

The third cycle of the 17 day diet (from 35 to 51) is the main part of keeping healthy eating habits.  During this period, weight loss is less than in the first cycle, and more fruit and whole grains are increased.  Lean meat is no longer recommended at this stage.  Around 100 calories per day and a little alcohol are also allowed.

4. Go to the last day for safe and effective weight loss

The final cycle of the 17 day diet (from 52 to 68) is the final stage, at which point you focus on maintaining healthy eating and a similar eating plan same as in previous cycles.  However, on weekends, you can feel more comfortable with food.

 So the advantage of this 17 day diet is that it does not cut down on any of the major food groups like the other diets.  It also emphasizes that daily exercise is a positive aspect.  And obviously this 17 day diet is not monotonous to apply.  In short it is a fairly balanced diet.

 With the 17 day diet you will lose weight safely, but the effect will not be high.  To get the most out of the 17 day diet, experts recommend combining with weight loss supplements.

17 day diet: One of most effective weight loss solutions

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